The chief operating officer of the company, Alexander Dmitriev, told the head of government that the company is solving the complex problem of processing a large amount of information in real time. Such technologies, he said, ensure the reliability of rolling stock, digital production, smart services, and logistics.

“We have developed our ecosystem, the F5 smart analytics digital platform,” Dmitriev said.

He added that a whole personnel management system was created on the same platform, which monitors the health of employees of the enterprise, recognizes the parameters of their actions and ultimately ensures an increase in labor productivity.

According to him, the company also has developments related to Earth remote sensing technologies. “We have approached the implementation of a project on the climate agenda, this is a project in our Carbon direction. In 2019, we created the first carbon testing ground in the Russian Federation to test carbon measurement technologies,” said Dmitriev. He added that Ctrl2Go proposes to create a national system for high-precision carbon measurement, which will allow for 85% of the territory of the Russian Federation to ensure significant measurement accuracy, which is very important, given the European initiatives on taxation of enterprises that pollute the environment with carbon emissions.

“We are ready to do this in the format of a public-private partnership. The pilot prototype of the system will be ready by September this year, and by 2024, we can show full implementation,” Dmitriev suggested.

Mishustin stressed that digital transformation has become the basis for the development of society and the economy, including industrial production.

“The very ecosystem that you are doing allows you to very effectively plan and manage the processes of complex high-tech production that uses digital twins, computer-aided design systems,” said the prime minister, stressing that data collection allows you to build predictive analytics in a completely different way. The head of government emphasized that “data today is oil, gold, platinum of the 21st century, which only become more expensive over time, therefore management and data collection represent the basis of the progress of the world’s leading companies.”

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers called the sphere of technologies for tracking the carbon footprint and creating a system for measuring the carbon balance of natural ecosystems as an important area.

“We are working on it. You know that there is a corresponding project, so we will definitely look at your technological proposals,” he said. The prime minister stated that the most unpopular decisions are currently being discussed when calculating taxes for carbon emissions. “This is one of our national development goals. We talked about this very often,” Mishustin said. “These five main development goals that the president set for us today, among other things, dictate to us the need to seriously deal with the ecosystem, seriously deal with carbon polygons and reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. “