Mirjana Zuber celebrates her divorce from Steven Zuber with a party

Officially divorced from national footballer Steven Zuber

Mirjana Zuber celebrates her divorce with a party

Mirjana Zuber announced two years ago that she was divorcing national soccer player Steven Zuber. Now she is celebrating that the procedure has come to an end.

They are officially divorced: Mirjana Zuber (29) and national team player Steven Zuber (30) have divorced. The influencer announced this on Instagram. She celebrated that this time is behind her with a party.

In her story she shows herself with a cake that says “I Do, I Did, I’m Done”, meaning “I want, I’ve done it, I’m done” in German. “Happy Divorce!”, yell her friends and toast the next phase of her life with Steven Zuber’s new ex-wife.



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