As soon as we wake up, our VIPs already return to discuss Miriana’s Nomination, which caused the ire of Katia and other competitors, including Alex.

The actor is keen to make Miriana understand the mistake that, according to him, she committed, since Katia felt deeply betrayed and stabbed in the back; all this according to Alex is not a minor thing and he would like the showgirl to take on her responsibilities.
“Why stay behind a person and then name him” adds Alex.

“She didn’t talk to me for days without telling me why, I found myself in that situation and I mentioned her. It’s nothing serious and for you, yes, I’m sorry. But do you want to stop not taking me into account? “.
Miriana’s voice, broken by tears, tries to justify her behavior, hoping to be understood at least by Alex who she considers a great friend, within this game.

Seeing her desperate, the actor wraps her in a comforting embrace, telling her that she is sorry about this whole situation, as he feels torn between the reasoning of two women he cares about equally.

“Don’t worry, you have to try to explain it to him and then you will see that he will understand. I’m sorry but he took it really badly ” thus concludes the actor, hoping that everything goes well.

Avoiding causing more suffering to the showgirl, under everyone’s aim since last night, Alex tries to give her strength and assuring her that, probably, if he will calmly explain to her how things are, she will have a good chance of making peace with the opera singer.

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Maria is not far from Miriana and, understanding the resentment of the woman, tries to be close to her with hugs and words of solidarity.


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