MIR: selection of Covid specialties

Future specialists.

Last Thursday began the process of allocation of places of the young resident doctors from all over Spain who have taken the MIR 2021 exam. Despite the recognition that specialties such as Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Public Health or Pulmonology have had during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, only 29 future residents -of the 400 who chose a place in the first shift- have opted for them. Either Family Medicine or Intensive, key specialties in the approach to the pandemic, have been preferred by future specialists. If 35 doctors have opted for these specialties this year, in 2020 53 MIR did so, that is, 18 more.

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Compared to 2020, Internal Medicine She was chosen 33 times, 10 more than this year. Preventive medicine and public health She was selected 2 times, 2 less than in the current selection. Pulmonology was chosen in 2020 2 times, 1 less than this year. Family medicine had a selection of 11 places in 2020, 8 more than in the present allocation of places. Intensive, was chosen last year by 4 doctors, 1 more than in this selection.

On the first day of the MIR selection, the specialty of Internal Medicine has been selected by 23 doctors of the 389 places available. The first of them, with 11 as the order number, has chosen to train in the specialty in University Hospital and Polytechnic La Fe, in Valencia.

In the second position, order number 23 has requested to complete his training in Internal Medicine at the Infanta Leonor University Hospital in Madrid. In the third position, the person with order number 37 has opted for the Donostia University Hospital in San Sebastián.

Plazas MIR of Public Health and Pulmonology

The specialty of Preventive medicine and public health, with 107 places available, it has been selected by four doctors. The first of them, with a 159 in the order number, has chosen to carry out the specialty in the Teaching Unit of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the Carlos III Health Institute (Madrid).

In second position, order number 286 will be formed in the Teaching Unit of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of Euskadi in the University Hospital of Cruces. Third, the future specialist with a serial number of 304 has also chosen to train in this medical specialty at the Instituto Salud Carlos III.

Pneumology, with 136 seats, has only been chosen by of future medical specialists. The first of them, with order number 344, has chosen to train at the University Hospital of the Princess, in Madrid. While the second place, with a 214 in the order number, has selected Pneumology at the Hospital Universitario 12 se Octubre in Madrid.

Primary and Intensive Medicine MIR

Only three MIR have chosen to specialize in Intensive Medicine. Thus, the order number 300 will be formed in this discipline, which will carry out its residency at the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital in Granada. The order number 61 will also specialize in Intensive, which will complete their training at the Vall D ‘Hebrón University Hospital and the person with the order number 150, who will specialize at the Miguel Servet University Hospital in Zaragoza.

The Family and Community Medicine, which has played a major role in the monitoring and diagnosis of Covid during the pandemic, has only been selected by three future residents: order number 254, which will be trained at the Multiprofessional Teaching Unit for Family and Community Care (UDM AFYC) from Vega Media and Alta del Segura and Altiplano de Murcia and at the Moralles Meseguer General University Hospital; order number 170, which will specialize in the UDM AFYC of the AP district of Granada-Metropolitano; and order number 334, of the Teaching Unit of the Centro Hospitalario Clínico San Carlos, in Madrid.

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