Minnesota: 200 anglers rescued from drifting ice floe

US state of Minnesota
Ice floes abort: Police rescue 200 anglers from the sea

Ice fishing is popular in the US state of Minnesota (stock image)

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In the American state of Minnesota, the ice fishing season has only just begun and the first emergency has already arisen: around 200 anglers had to be rescued from an ice dish.

About 200 anglers were rescued by an ice dish that broke off the shore of a frozen lake in Minnesota on Monday. On Upper Red Lake not far from the border with Canada, a “large flea” moved up to 27 meters from the shore, so that the ice anglers were cut off from the way back to land, local police said on the online service . Facebook.

The rescue workers received an emergency call, after which about 100 people drifted away from the shore. With the help of drones, a suitable place for a transition was found where a temporary bridge could be placed over the water. Fearing that some anglers might be unaware of their precarious position, an alert was sent to their cell phones with GPS coordinates of the emergency crossing.

Rescue of ice fishermen lasted three hours

In the end, “about 200 people were evacuated,” police said. The action lasted three hours.

Minnesota in the American Midwest is also known as the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes”. Ice fishing on the frozen lakes is a popular winter activity. The police warned that “the ice at the beginning of the season is very unpredictable”.

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