In order to bring to the top management of the Ministry of Health of the Nation the Guide for the Ethical Exercise of the Public Function and address issues such as transparency and integrity in the purchasing and contracting processes, conflicts of interest, and public information and transparency in contracting, a training was carried out in which the main authorities of the national health portfolio participated. In addition, cases were worked on and officials presented examples based on daily practice.

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, highlighted the importance of training with members of the Anti-Corruption Office and thanked her cabinet for participating, despite the particular context of the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and for “Find this time to consider situations of daily practice in order to generate actions, strategies and opportunities for improvement”.

Vizzotti assured that “this ministry and I as a minister have the commitment to identify any act of corruption and to punish it immediately and at the same time look for ways to speed up the management, complying with all the guidelines.”

The official thanked the support of the Anti-Corruption Office and proposed to make this work of search for transparency mechanisms visible and move forward with different activities, as is done with the National General Prosecutor (SIGEN) that audits the distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 to the different jurisdictions.

Then the Chief of Staff, Sonia Tarragona, announced that this type of meeting will be repeated with national directors, line directors and officials involved in operational tasks “in order to lower this training to other levels.”

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For his part, the head of the Anti-Corruption Office, Félix Crous, explained that the body seeks to be “a promoter and collaborator in the development of policies in pursuit of transparency and integrity.”

While the Undersecretary of Integrity and Transparency, Luis Villanueva, indicated: “We are proud of the work that you are carrying out in the management” and added that “do not hesitate to consult us, we are convinced that the role of the Office it is about accompanying and working to prevent, we believe that any early intervention is worthwhile ”and he made proposals to continue with the joint work.

The duties and principles of the public function include complying with and enforcing the National Constitution by defending the democratic, republican and federal system of government; incorporate the perspective of integrity and transparency in public management; be available to the public and be accountable for the exercise of public function; perform with rectitude and honesty; act with prudence, justice, rectitude and temperance; preserve information as a public good, promoting its access to all citizens in a timely and truthful manner.

Also participating in the training were the Secretary for Health Quality, Arnaldo Medina; the Secretary for Health Equity, Víctor Urbani, the Secretary for Access to Health, Sandra Tirado; the Secretary for Administrative Management, Mauricio Monsalvo; the Undersecretary of Health Strategies, Juan Manuel Castelli; the Undersecretary of Medicines and Strategic Information, Gastón Morán; the Undersecretary of Federal Articulation, Verónica De Cristófaro; the Undersecretariat of Systems Integration, Judit Díaz Bazán; the Undersecretary of Service and Institute Management, Alejandro Collia; the Undersecretariat of Quality, Regulation and Inspection, Alejandro Costa; and the head of the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology, Manuel Limeres.

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