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Created on February 20, 2023 | 12:51

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Zadic wants higher penalties for terrorist threats

Zadic wants higher penalties for terrorist threats


DThe government plans to introduce a new criminal offense for “terrorist threats”. A corresponding Ministerial Council speech is to be decided on Wednesday, reported the daily newspaper “Österreich” (Monday edition). The range of penalties should be between six months and five years. Currently, such offenses are only punished as “dangerous threats” with penalties of up to three years.

Specifically, a new criminal offense is to be created in Section 278 c (“Terrorist offences”) in the Criminal Code, which includes “terrorist threats”. Anyone who threatens to carry out one of the terrorist offenses listed there (these range from murder to bodily harm, kidnapping by extortion, aggravated coercion, serious damage to property, air piracy, various offenses endangering the community and offenses under the Weapons Act) fall under the new regulation.

This was already punishable – but only as a “simple” dangerous threat with a sentence of up to one year or as a qualified dangerous threat with sentences of up to three years. There are also no minimum penalties in these cases. However, if the act is committed with a terrorist aptitude or corresponding intent, there is a higher threat of punishment – there are also legal consequences such as special investigative powers.

“Terrorists are attacking our values ​​and our society. They are trying to spread fear, insecurity and hatred,” said Justice Minister Alma Zadic (Greens) in a statement sent to APA. “We must not and will under no circumstances allow them to be successful. That is why terrorists who threaten acts of terrorism will be punished even more severely in future. In the case of terrorism, we must take quick and uncompromising action.”

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