The Haitian health authorities affirmed this Tuesday that they were unaware of the offer to donate vaccines against covid-19 that the Government of the Dominican Republic announced last week, in addition to revealing that they would reject the donation because the country has several thousand doses of the Modern vaccine.

This was announced to Efe by the director general of the Haitian Ministry of Health, Lauré Adrién.

“No one has contacted us at the ministry for such an offer (of vaccines from the Dominican Republic) and if this were the case, the answer would have been negative anyway because we have several hundred thousand doses of Moderna vaccine in stock, from which we have no guarantee that we can use them before their expiration date, “explained the doctor.

Adrién clarified that the priority of the Haitian authorities is to be able to use the maximum number of Moderna vaccines before they expire.

The batch of the compound was received by the country in mid-July as a donation from the United States through the United Nations Covax mechanism. It was then that Haiti began to vaccinate its population.

The Dominican government reported last Friday that it will donate 100,000 doses of the vaccine against covid-19 from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to Haiti.

“The Dominican Republic would not have been the first friendly country to which we would have said no to the offer of vaccine doses, because for now our priority is to be able to use the maximum number of Moderna vaccines before their expiration,” said the Haitian official.

On Monday, the Dominican government donated 304,000 doses of AstraZeneca to Guatemala and another 101,000 to Honduras.

“If a country offers us vaccines that we not only do not need urgently but also have an expiration date that is not postponed for at least 12 to 18 months from receipt, we will automatically reject the offer,” added Adrien.

Last April, Haiti rejected the AstraZeneca laboratory vaccine offered by the World Health Organization (WHO) through the Covax mechanism.

On that occasion, the Haitian government declined to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine due to “the global commotion surrounding it,” considering that the country’s population “will not accept it.”


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