Minister Cantero believes that Roldán's new secondary school will be ready in March

The Minister of Education of Santa Fe, Adriana Cantero, toured the summer colony of the Active Summer program which takes place at the municipal sports center, brought gifts to use in the activities and sang “Muchachos” with the children. In dialogue with La Capital, He referred to the secondary school being built in Roldán.

“We are working at a very good pace so that we can be inaugurating the school in March”, confided the official. The building that is under construction It will be the only one of its kind in Latin America due to its post-pandemic design.

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The date announced from the Ministry of Architecture and Provincial Planning is next March 16. The school is built next to Elementary School No. 1399 in the Posta 16 and Tierra de Sueños Uno neighborhoods, and will house Annex No. 1643 that was created due to the lack of banks and has been teaching classes in rented spaces and classrooms for four years mobiles made with containers.

It will have healthy environments, spatial flexibility and it was planned for intensive and extensive use. Cantero described it as an “achievement that a large work like this has been designed, tendered and executed in the same government administration” and recalled that “we have come from two years of a pandemic that has delayed public works for a long time.”

Beyond the delays, the minister was positive: “We are optimistic that in March we will be inaugurating the school year to give the boys the chance to be in that new building.” And she added that The ministry is designing “other extensions for all the schools in the western cordon of the city of Rosario.”

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When asked about If the work takes longer than expected, Cantero He said that they are “following the day to day” the work carried out by a contractor and affirmed that the educational service is insured for which there is “plan A, plan B and plan C”.

Lastly, he highlighted that in the province “We are working on all pedagogical models; We have to have schools that provide answers to the complexities that children and adolescents of our time experience, and surely we will take all the contributions to improve the traditional model that clearly has to be renewed”.

Cantero also spoke with local officials about the local educational future. the city secretary Education, Mercedes Dietrich, cHe commented that they talked about proposing smaller schools, with no more than 500 students, about the need for works for the gardens and other schools in the city.

“He is very aware of what we asked of him and supported our demand. We notice that she is very committed and eager for the works to be approved”, summed up the secretary and announced that surely within the month of February they will come to the city again to visit the new high school”.

Presents and singing

The visit to the Roldán neighborhood included in the “Active Summer 2023” program, attended by some 800 children, was tinged with funny moments. The minister brought didactic and sports materials to be used in different activities, such as soccer balls, volleyball, cones, floats. Too He spoke to a group of children and even harangued and sang the iconic song of La Mosca “Muchachos”.

The Active Summer ministerial proposal will run until January 31, It has 259 offices throughout the province with more than 41 thousand kids who carry out recreational, playful, artistic and sports activities in coordination with local governments and 1,300 physical education, music, art teachers and replacement teachers at all levels.

“The Ministry of Education extends its service in the summer with a different device to maintain the link between the school and its children,” explained the official and highlighted that the work of teachers is covered by the list of substitutes: “It’s very important because gives them the possibility of having seniority and experience in teaching,” said Cantero.

The activity includes children from the Initial level, primary school and in some places, such as Roldán, secondary school students who previously did not participate in the traditional colonies.



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