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After an avalanche of false reports of mining that hit educational institutions in Yekaterinburg on Wednesday, other regions are faced with the same problem today. Mass evacuations of students were carried out in Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Samara and Tyumen. Law enforcement agencies and special services establish “miners”.

V Krasnoyarsk today, due to reports of mining, all city schools were evacuated. According to the city’s education department, children and staff have been removed from a total of 111 educational institutions, some of which occupy more than one building. In the morning, information appeared on social networks about the cordoning off of school No. 157 – allegedly parents and children were not allowed inside, special services were working on the spot. The press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Krasnoyarsk Territory refrained from commenting, promising to talk about mining later. Social networks and regional media reported that children from the city’s schools were allowed to go home.

A wave of evacuations also swept this morning in the Krasnoyarsk shopping centers – social networks and regional media reported that customers were taken out of large stores and malls due to “bomb reports”.

The Krasnoyarsk Territory Anti-Terrorism Commission commented on the situation about numerous reports of mining objects in the region, saying that “false threats of terrorism” received by e-mail addresses disrupted the functioning of a number of organizations, institutions and departments.

Intelligence agencies establish sources of information for false reports.

In December, 13 schools in Krasnoyarsk were evacuated due to reports of mining. The prosecutor’s office of the Krasnoyarsk Territory conducted an audit of the organization of the evacuation of children from schools. The agency found violations in the removal of students from school buildings – the heads of educational institutions did not inform the parents of schoolchildren.

At the end of the year, the prosecutor’s office made a submission to the mayor of the city, Sergei Eremin, about the inadmissibility of such violations and the prosecution of those responsible. The department organized another check on the fact of information about leaving unattended after the evacuation of a student of school No. 63.

V Nizhny Novgorod On the morning of January 13, more than 20 schools were evacuated due to anonymous threatening messages. The Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs do not comment on the situation.

As Kommersant-Privolzhye was told by several parents of students, citing school chats, the evacuation was allegedly connected with threats from unknown people to “repeat Beslan” (a terrorist attack at the school on September 1, 2004).

V Saratov around 12:00 local time, a mass evacuation of schools began due to reports of possible mining of educational institutions. At the same time, as specified in the city administration, the evacuation took place gradually, after the law enforcement agencies officially notified the school management about the activities. Many schools managed to complete the work of the first shift, classes for the second shift were canceled in all educational institutions.

Roman Gribov, deputy chairman of the regional government for social affairs, said that classes in Saratov’s schools would resume only after inspecting the buildings of all schools.

According to Mr. Gribov, the evacuation of schools is not a training event, and information about the possible mining of educational institutions was obtained from law enforcement agencies.

“School leaders are responding in accordance with the approved course of action. We have no right to put children’s lives at risk. Since information was received about the mining of all schools in Saratov, their inspection by emergency services will take some time. In connection with this, the education committee of the regional center made the right decision to send the children home,” the deputy prime minister said.

Thursday, January 13 at all schools Samara canceled classes due to massive reports of mining. In a number of cases, students and their parents were first told that it was a mock evacuation. However, the city administration later reported on the received signals about a possible mining. Schoolchildren were transferred to distance learning, including the second shift. At the same time, kindergartens of the city worked as usual. On Friday, January 14, classes will be held in schools without restrictions.

On Wednesday, January 12, in Samara in the afternoon, employees of several vessels were evacuated due to reports of mines. The trials had to be suspended.

Today at Tyumen was supposed to pass the first day of school after the winter break, but all schools were evacuated due to anonymous reports of possible mining. The first reports of evacuation appeared on the morning of 13 January. Second shift classes have also been cancelled.

In total, about 50 thousand children were evacuated in Tyumen.

All buildings were inspected. According to the results of the inspections, the police did not reveal objects that pose a danger in schools, the information center of the regional government said. Tomorrow, January 14, classes will be held as usual.

Recall that the day before Yekaterinburg 151 schools, six universities and two colleges were evacuated, but the reports of the planted bombs were not confirmed. According to the city authorities, “destructive forces from the near abroad,” which have been engaged in telephone terrorism for several years, were involved in the false domination.

Andrey Furtsev, Novosibirsk; Anastasia Eremina, Nizhny Novgorod; Sergey Petunin, Saratov; Andrey Sazonov, Samara; Mikhail Manannikov, Yekaterinburg



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