Minibonanza fire extinguished in Santa Lucía del Tuy

Minibonanza fire extinguished in Santa Lucía del Tuy

The fire that had started at the solid waste transfer plant, located on the main highway of Santa Lucía – Santa Teresa, between the El Sitio and La Virginia sectors in Santa Lucía del Tuy, Miranda state, has been extinguished by members of the Civil Protection and the Miranda Fire Department, the mayor of the Paz Castillo municipality, Víctor Julio González, informed Últimas Noticias.

According to the officials’ report, the candle began on the afternoon of Monday, February 27. From that moment, the commissions worked in the place, putting out the flames with security measures to avoid physical damage to people.

Officials used a jumbo unit, a backhoe loader, a GNB tanker, and several tanker trucks to put out the fire.


Mayor González warned that the mixed commissions of Miranda Civil Protection, Municipal Police, Polimiranda, Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Miranda Governor’s Office, Paz Castillo Municipality Mayor’s Office, Paz Castillo Municipality Regional Risk Management and Civil Protection System, are investigating the causes and possible culprits that originated the garbage fire.

“At 4:00 p.m. this Wednesday, we have 100% controlled the fire at the garbage transfer point, whose elements indicate that it was caused by unscrupulous people who do not respect the life or health of this town (…) We are investigating this case, but previous investigations indicate that it was provoked,” González said.

Smoke affected neighbors in Santa Lucía del Tuy

Residents of the La Virginia and El Sitio communities, among other sectors near the dump, reported that the toxic smoke reached their homes, which is why they were affected and were treated at the corresponding health entities.

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“The great smoke affected the families of the nearby sectors. However, it did not go to major due to the prompt action that has been carried out by the risk prevention and control bodies, ”admitted the mayor from Lucía.

González thanked Governor Héctor Rodríguez for his support for activating the human and technical team as machinery to address the landfill area. Additionally, he extended the bonus to the mayor of the Simón Bolívar municipality, Saúl Rafael Yánez, who lent machinery to attend to the emergency situation.

“With the support of a large multidisciplinary team, the Miranda State Risk Management System, the accompaniment of the security forces and private companies and the people’s power, the work of refreshing the areas affected by the fire began and He has managed to control the smoke situation at 100% control,” he said.



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