Milwaukee and Golden State regain the advantage against Boston and Memphis

Untenable, with 42 points, Giannis Antetokounmpo guided the Bucks to a snatch victory (103-101) against the Celtics, to lead 2-1 in their conference semi-final, just like the Warriors, easier winners of the Grizzlies (142-112), Saturday in the NBA play-offs.

Al Horford (22 pts, 16 rebounds) thought he was cooling the Fiserv Forum, with his rebound tap in the haversack synonymous with extension. But the video was formal: the ball had not yet taken off from his right hand when the red light and the buzzer sounded the end of this thrilling encounter.

A N.3 match for which the “Greek” (Greek) went into “Freak” mode (“Monster”), determined to calm the newfound euphoria of Boston, which had been able to limit its impact during the previous joust.

It was in the 3rd quarter that things settled down for the defending champion, from the moment when the MVP 2019 and 2020, already the most active in the first period (20 pts), multiplied.

His “coast to coast” (sprint from his side to the other), after countering Jayson Tatum, then taking an offensive rebound and finally dunking, illustrated his abundance of energy, as well as his outrageous domination (12 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 blocks).

– Tatum se rate –

The Celtics were unable to oppose a response to Antetokounmpo, who even danced from the shoulders, after a decisive pass to Jrue Holiday, on another lightning counter-attack having created a gap of ten points (66-56), increased to thirteen at the end of the period (80-67).

However, the games were far from over. Thanks to Jaylen Brown (27 pts, 12 rebounds), Boston was able to resurface in the last quarter, even taking the advantage (100-99) less than two minutes from the end.

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So Giannis gave a boost, scoring close first, then countering Brown, before Holiday, excellent (25 pts), placed a welcome float for the Bucks (103-100).

The latter then foul on Marcus Smart (9 pts), who seemed to have armed a shot behind the arc. Believing that was not the case, the referees awarded two and not three free throws.

The point guard, back from a thigh injury, scored on his first attempt and opted to miss the second. Good strategy with Horford’s winning gesture, which the clock finally invalidated.

Boston can harbor regrets for being so close to a winning comeback. This would surely have required Jayson Tatum to be more successful (10 pts at 4/19).

– “Splash brothers” snipers –

Ime Udoka, while cursing after “the bad judgment” of the refereeing body, also agreed that his players first paid for their “negligence in the 3rd quarter”, assuring: “We can play much better”.

This is what Golden State did against Memphis, during a confrontation much less tight than the first two were, which were decided in the last seconds.

It must be said that when the “Splash brothers” are at this level of skill, it is difficult to compete. Stephen Curry (30 pts), Jordan Poole (27 pts) and Klay Thompson (21 pts) all shot more than 50% success, and their entire team at 63.1%.

The difference was made in the 3rd quarter (37-23), the moment generally chosen by the Warriors to accelerate. And their lead then continued to grow.

Opposite, Morant did not however deserve (34 pts at 12/21, 7 assists), managing to place his sharp accelerations in the racket, to slam spectacular dunks and even to score from midfield to the midfield buzzer. -weather.

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But he was the only Grizzlies with sharp claws and couldn’t dominate the final quarter like in the previous game, scoring his team’s last 15 points to finish with 47 in total.

In a stark and even somewhat worrying contrast for Memphis, he had to limp off the court before the final five minutes, very frustrated, after Poole ‘grabbed his right knee with his hand and jerked off’ , accused coach Taylor Jenkins afterwards. Without saying more about a possible injury of his star.



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