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Many new events shortly before the start of the 28th Poolbar Festival
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Poolbar Festival announces more headliners. Events also in the old indoor pool.

A good two weeks before the start of the Feldkirch Poolbar Festival on July 8th with James Hersey and Why-Y, there is good news for poolbar fans: According to the new legal regulations, there will be events in the old indoor pool again from July in addition to the open air events possible.

Those in charge have now pulled out all the stops to expand the program at short notice to include live gigs and club nights in the pool. New headliners for the open air stage have also been booked, including the Belgian pop superstar Milow as well as the Austrian Lylit, which combines modern pop, soul influences and club electronics, sometimes danceable, sometimes more introverted.

Hip hop and evening at the theater

The DJ Parade with free entry returns with selected DJs, DJanes and DJ crews.

Bands like the Munich rap formation were also confirmed Main Concept, who will present their new album “3.0” at the Poolbar Festival. Also rapper Die P as well as the Vorarlberg hip hop band Gas guest in Feldkirch.

Another new addition to the pool bar program is the theater evening by the theater association “Die Heroldfliri”. The ensemble will play “Große Töchter” on August 5th in the open air. The partly documentary, partly (real) satirical collage gets to the bottom of the dispute about changing the text of the national anthem and provides an insight into the depths and shallows of the Austrian soul.

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Programmauszug 2021:

  • 08.07.: Poolbar-Opening: James Hersey + Why-Y (e-Ticket)
  • 09.07.: [email protected] with Hearts Hearts, Junipa Gold, Brendan Adams, Why-Y, Nnella, Cheyenne Alice and others (e-Ticket), in cooperation with ORF, W&W, Vorarlberg brand
  • July 9th: Hearts Hearts (Light Night Show, free entry)
  • 10.07.: Min + Gazelle & The Bear (e-Ticket)
  • 10.07.: Eli Preiss (Late Night Act)
  • 11.07.: Jazzbrunch: Crazy beauty (Free admission)
  • 13.07.: “I Am Greta” (Open Air-Film, e-Ticket)
  • 14.07.: Stermann & Grissemann + Moritz Schädler (e-Ticket)
  • 15.07.: Mighty Oaks + Mona Ida (e-Ticket)
  • 16.07.: Alice Phoebe Lou +Elena Shirin (e-Ticket)
  • 16.07.: Ace Tee u.a. (DJ Parade-Special, e-Ticket)
  • 17.07.: Keziah Jones + Moreland (e-Ticket)
  • 18.07.: Jazzbrunch: Flip Philipp (Free admission)
  • 20.07.: “Oh Boy!” (Open Air-Film, e-Ticket)
  • 23.07.: Lylit + Double finger (e-ticket)
  • 24.07.: Milow + Still (e-Ticket)
  • 24.07.: Discomoromic (Free admission)
  • 25.07.: Jazzbrunch: Adama Dicko & Seno Blues (free entry), in cooperation with the EZA department of the state of Vorarlberg
  • 27.07.: “Threatening” (Open Air-Film, e-Ticket)
  • 28.07.: Sharktank + Helianth (e-Ticket)
  • 29.07.: Diary slam (e-ticket), recommended by the ÖGJ
  • 30.07.: Patrice + Support (e-Ticket)
  • 30.07.: AudioBunkA Night: Main Concept, Die P, Gas u.a. (e-Ticket)
  • 01.08.: Jazzbrunch: Schuani’s Seven (Free admission)
  • 03.08.: “Screening InterMedia – InterMedia on Screen” (Open Air-Film, e-Ticket)
  • 04.08.: Lie / V shop window day with Deadbeatz, Caffeinated and Larry Woodley (free entry)
  • 05.08.: The Heraldfliri (Theater, e-Ticket)
  • 06.08.: 5K HD unplugged + Search Search (e-Ticket)
  • 07.08.: Stu Larsen + OSKA (e-Ticket)
  • 08.08.: Jazzbrunch: Marten 4000 (Free admission)
  • 10.08.: “303” (Open Air-Film, e-Ticket)
  • 12.08.: The Nino from Vienna + Science Busters (e-Ticket)
  • 13.08.: The Notwist + Via Matto (e-ticket), Arty Night, recommended by the Liechtenstein Art Museum
  • 13.08.: Dorian Concept (e-Ticket)
  • 15.08.: Jazzbrunch: Mojo Incorporation (free entry), in cooperation with the ÖBB
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The 28th Poolbar Festival takes place from July 8th to August 15th in Feldkirch (Reichenfeld & Altes Hallenbad).




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