Millions invested in sustainable electromobility: MAX Mobility focuses on expansion

Austrian startup invests in expanding well-established e-scooter rental system.

In recent years, we have succeeded in creating a recipe for successful corporate governance

Maximilian Fischl, founder and managing director of MAX Mobility

Vienna/Graz/Linz/Klagenfurt/Innsbruck (OTS) MAX Mobility GmbH, Austria’s leading start-up for the rental of dockless electric scooters and small vehicles controlled via a smartphone app, is now focusing on strong growth after its initial phase.

The local company is investing a 7-figure sum in the development of new markets in Germany and an expansion abroad is also planned for 2023. By the end of this year’s financial year alone, the rental vehicle fleet will be increased to around 1,500 vehicles.

In the first years of operation, the focus was mainly on gaining experience and the further development of technologies and systems, meanwhile we are proud of a “state of the art” system in 5 locations, in close cooperation with cities and communities, good to established.

Investment in the expansion of the company from your own resources!

After building a strong corporate foundation and a literal explosion in numbers, they are finally ready to further invest in the environmentally friendly global mobility trend. In recent years, we have succeeded in creating a recipe for successful corporate governancesays founder and managing director Maximilian Fischl (24), who finances the expansion independently with capital from his successfully managed companies.

Excellent summer record and outlook

MAX Mobility is becoming more and more popular, rental e-scooters are sometimes rented by customers up to 4 times a day at each location. Some improvement work has been done to make the rental process as easy and comfortable as possible for the user. In 2022, the company has set itself the goal of placing particular importance on the parking behavior of users. Recently, users are asked to take a photo of the parked vehicles before completing each ride. These images are checked, illegal parkers are contacted and informed. This is one of the many measures that MAX Mobility takes to ensure more order and a better appearance in cities. At locations where MAX Mobility is active, they want to impress in every way with quality and well-thought-out approaches.

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