Millionaire scam to Vittoria Caproni, taken the transfer players who struck in Milan

Millionaire scam to Vittoria Caproni, taken the transfer players who struck in Milan

Milan – The Police, coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, arrested 4 people held jointly responsible for the extremely high value fraud committed on 10 January in Milan against the heiress Vittoria Caproni. The investigative activity of the Mobile Squad of the Milan Police Headquarters, led by the manager Marco Calì, made it possible to identify four “transfer workers”, two women and two men, all originally from Naples and residing there. The woman belongs to a historic family of Lombard aeronautical entrepreneurs, perhaps the most noble in the history of Italian flight. The scammers had telephoned the 88-year-old woman, who lives in a building near Piazza del Duomo, stating that her son had been in a car accident, that he had been arrested for reasons of traffic fault, and that 12,500 euros were needed for a release on bail (a case well known in the collective imagination for US films and TV series but which is not foreseen in the Italian legal system). To validate her deception, the scammers had also given her a second actor on the phone, who impersonated a marshal and naturally endorsed the seriousness and urgency of the situation. After putting the elderly woman in great alarm, the scammers made arrangements for a meeting directly at home to collect the sum. And so around 3 pm a young man of about 25 showed up at the woman’s house and had money, gold and a precious numismatic collection delivered, all for a value that has yet to be quantified but which is believed to be around 4 million of Euro. The victim, who fell into the trap, had delivered cash for around 3,500 euros, jewels and gold ingots, for a total value of over one million and 600 thousand euros; the huge and even voluminous booty was taken away from the house using a trolley belonging to the old lady. Precious, for the purposes of the investigation, was the meticulous collection of images from the various video surveillance systems and the complex analysis of the printouts and telephone traffic, thanks to which the agents verified as the material author of the scam, after having entered the inside the victim’s home, he left with the huge loot together with an accomplice, to go to Milan Central Station and take a train bound for Naples-Afragola. The accurate vision of the images of the video surveillance system allowed the Flying Squad to identify the man who had entered the house of the unfortunate victim and who had reunited on board the train with the other three accomplices, a man and two women, one of whom was carrying the trolley. Subsequent investigations, also carried out with the aid of specific software used by the State Police, made it possible to give an identity to the four: all people originally from Naples and residing in areas strongly characterized by the presence of organized crime, two of whom are burdened from numerous criminal records for crimes against property, in particular fraud against the elderly. The policemen of the Milan Mobile Squad, assisted by the agents of the corresponding Neapolitan office, carried out the searches ordered by the Milan prosecutor’s office at the homes of the suspects, finding cash for around 2 thousand euros (concealed in a pack of diapers), as well as numerous boxes of cell phones, presumably those used to contact the victims of the scams, and an identity document found to be false.

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