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Due to Corona, a lockdown sales compensation and a loss compensation were applied for. These two support measures have allegedly not been paid out to date.

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It is one of the oldest bakeries in Austria, it was founded in 1836. According to her own statements, she has it managed to “remain current throughout the centuries”. “Not by clinging to what already exists out of a stubborn sense of tradition, but by question the best and then improve or continue in the same way,” says the family business’s website. “Therefore, in our branches you will not only find baked goods whose recipes have been based on the same ingredients for over 180 years, but also those that have changed over the generations.

Now had to Kloser’s Bakery GmbH based in Bregenz file for bankruptcy. 89 employees in 17 branches are affected. The debt is estimated at 2.1 million euros.

“Due to Corona, a lockdown revenue replacement and loss compensation was requested. These two support measures have not been paid out to date. Since the available liquidity has now been used up, the application for bankruptcy had to be filed. Whether and in what form the debtor should be continued and/or restructured can, will have to be decided in coordination with the appointed liquidator,” says KSV1870 on the application for insolvency.

The company history according to the bakery’s website

  • In 1834 moved Michael Räfyemaster baker from Meßkirch and great-great-grandfather of Thomas Kloser, in the course of the so-called BMW invasion (bakers, butchers, innkeepers) from Swabia to Bregenz. In 1836 a bakery with an inn and a grocery store was founded at Arlbergstraße 123.
  • His granddaughter Anna married Georg Gromann from Wurzach, who entertained the “Engel”. According to the guild regulations of the time, he was allowed to continue the bakery as a master baker. Anna and Georg had two daughters: Ida and Gottfrieda (Frieda). Anna died giving birth to Frieda, Thomas Kloser’s grandmother. Over the years Georg surrendered to alcohol, sold the huge piece of land where the VKW is today and drove to Paris with his friend Heine (Gasthaus Hirschen on Landstrasse) in a carriage and was never seen again.
  • The sisters Ida and Frieda grew under the tutelage of Franz Gähwiler, director and administrator of Schöllerwerke Bregenz. We still have family contact with the Gähwiler family to this day.
  • Franz “married” Ida to the master baker in the course of administration Georg Drexel. Frieda became the merchant’s wife Hugo Kloser from Hard (representative for gifts and children’s articles from the Hoffmann company).
  • Georg Drexel insisted on the name “Bäckerei Drexel”. The bakery was run under this name until 1962. Hugo Kloser meanwhile was a founding member of ADEG and devoted himself primarily to the expansion of the grocery store and wholesale trade.
  • Handed over in 1962 Georg Drexelmeanwhile guild master, his nephew Gottfried „Fritz” Klosser the bakery. Together with his father Hugo and his younger brother Heinz, he founded the “Hugo Kloser OHG”.
  • Business developed very well. The store at Arlbergstrasse 123 has been expanded three times. In addition, three branches were operated and Fritz had a very good connection to the Bregenz gastronomy.
  • Now Heinz and Fritz married their sweethearts. Fritz took himself Christina Jaeger to the woman from the “Riederhof” (old inn on Arlbergstrasse). Heinz married Monika Schrammel, granddaughter of Riedesser Bakery in Bregenz, and the famous Schrammel musicians from Vienna.
  • Fritz and Christa remained childless. Heinz and Monika had three for this: Thomas, Susanne and Peter. Susanne was chosen early on to continue the bakery and her training was coordinated accordingly. However, she succumbed to the charm of the capital during her studies.
  • The year 1985 was a year of great changes and decisions for the entire Kloser family. Fritz suddenly fell seriously ill. Heinz and Monika divorced and the grocery stores were sold to the ADEG sold. Thomas Kloser should have taken over the law firm of his maternal uncle in Vienna – but now everything was upside down.
  • Thomas decided to return to Bregenz with his pregnant girlfriend and continue running the bakery for three years on a trial basis. He caught up on the master craftsman and hospitality exams and completed his business studies. From 1987 he was authorized to run the business. This year the Kloser’s Bakery GmbH founded. In this way he was able to run the operative business without being hindered by owner disputes and without involving capable employees.
  • It was quickly recognized that as a pure supplier, the dependencies would not allow optimal development opportunities in the long term. And so the first considerations were made to escape this thankless position.
  • The establishment of our own branch network was started and this path has been successfully pursued to this day. Gradually, the withdrawal as a commercial supplier followed. For this purpose, the partnership with the gastronomy and the market traders was expanded.
  • There are now 18 branches in operation. Two of them with attached tobacconist. Kloser currently employs around 110 people.

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