Milei begins a tour of the Buenos Aires suburbs, with her sister as a key player and the support of a sports journalist

Javier Milei tours the suburbs (Press)

Amid the restructuring of the national cabinet, after the arrival of Serge Massa to the Ministry of Economy, Javier Miley He remains focused on his presidential candidacy. The national deputy seeks to strengthen his space in the province of Buenos Aires. His team works in a dizzying political setup, while the leader of freedom advances begins a tour of the suburbs, with a device characterized by “surprise walks”.

In this context, Milei toured yesterday afternoon At payment, capital city of the province. The leader was accompanied by his sister, Karina, and part of his advisory team. Minutes after 4 p.m., the deputy made a tour of about an hour between streets 55 and 58 of the city of the diagonals.

Surprise walks, a libertarian strategy to tour the suburbs

The mechanism of tours of the suburbs consists of walking different locations in Greater Buenos Aires without prior notice. They are untimely irruptions in the territory, with the intention of having contact with people on the street and being close to people. And, also, add visibility and political muscle in a somewhat hostile territory to any non-Peronist leader.

The idea of ​​the “surprise walks” arose as an initiative of Karina Milei, sister of the national deputy and a person of extreme confidence, and of his political and communication team. There is even a WhatsApp group in which they organize the walks of the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

Daniel Mollo, the renowned journalist who supports Milei’s candidacy

Last Thursday, Milei visited a mall in Argentine Falklands and on Saturday he toured part of San Martín, two key districts of the First electoral section. Who requested the visit of San Martin was Daniel Mollo, renowned journalist and sports reporter. Mollo, a civil engineer by profession, supports Milei’s candidacy and is the person designated to coordinate the libertarian assembly in that locality.

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the radio journalist Mitre He sympathizes with Milei’s ideas and intends to make his contribution as coordinator of the political assembly in San Martín. “He has no ambitions for candidacies, Daniel wants to help and support Javier’s candidacy without specific pretensions”, they explain in the environment of the person in charge of the libertarian’s communication, Carlos Kikuchi.

The debut of the walks through the suburbs had been on June 3, in La Matanza. “The idea was to start there because of the electoral volume and because it is a strategic place in the province,” he told Infobae a libertarian leader from the province of Buenos Aires, close to Milei.

Daniel Mollo aimed against Edwin Cardona and Carlos Tevez
Daniel Mollo aimed against Edwin Cardona and Carlos Tevez

On that occasion, the candidate for president walked through the shopping center of Laferrere accompanied by Buenos Aires legislators Ramiro MarraOscar Zago, his sister Karina and Lilia Lemoine, vice president of the Libertarian Party and friend of Milei.

From La Libertad Avanza they explained that “there are several requests from leaders, businessmen and personalities” who are interested in receiving Milei. However, in order not to lose the “surprise” effect -and to avoid possible escraches and protect the leader’s safety- they prefer not to anticipate the next locations. However, they recognize that the idea is to support the modality of walks throughout the suburbs.

Something ruled out immediately is the realization of massive acts in stadiums. At least in the suburbs. In the rest of the country, the next event is scheduled for Tucumanon October 1, together with Ricardo Bussi.

The first and last act in the suburbs was that of Gerli, at the El Porvenir stadium, on June 10. Due to the limited attendance and the weather conditions, the event did not go as the organizers expected. In turn, that act was a turning point, since from there the internal discussions were externalized in the space.

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Who is behind the armed Milei in the province

There are three large arteries that run in the province within La Libertad Avanza. The libertarian leaders point out that all the lines converge next year, with a political terminal in Javier Milei

One of the libertarian arteries is the one led by Ramiro Marra, a Buenos Aires legislator, a benchmark in space and a friend of Milei. On the other hand, the armed group that weaves the Democratic Party, which in July added the deputy Victoria Villarruel to its ranks. The nationalist lawyer crossed General Paz and is already touring the province, accompanied by leaders such as Carlos Onteiro and Guillermo Montenegro.

Added to these two is the project headed by Carlos “Chino” Kikuchi, national political operator of Milei’s candidacy. The ex-spokesman of Domingo Horse appointed Sebastián Pareja in charge of the Buenos Aires army. This is a leader who came to the world Milei via the Menem family.

Pareja, who divides his professional life between law and politics, was an advisor to Carlos Menem in the National Senate and, until last year, he worked as a political operator for Emilio Monzo, former president of the Chamber of Deputies. Pareja arrived at La Libertad Avanza in May with the consent of Milei, her sister, and Kikuchi.

Javier Milei tours the suburbs (Press)
Javier Milei tours the suburbs (Press)

Milei seeks to gain territoriality throughout the province

The task of the former Menemist lawyer consists of designing a political structure that has a presence in all the electoral sections of the province. A milista pointer in the province of Buenos Aires explains that the main objective is to find leaders who campaign for the ticket with Milei’s candidacy and, above all, who guarantee the supervision of the election.

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Leaders such as Gonzalo Cabezas, Diana Zonaro, Juan Osaba stand out within the Pareja team. In turn, a relevant advisor to that team is José Richards, a man from San Miguel, an intimate leader of Joaquín De La Torre, a Buenos Aires legislator from Together for ChangeI am a former mayor of that town.

The armed forces from Buenos Aires around Kikuchi move to look for “coordinators” in each municipality. They speak daily with dozens of leaders. Some who had been in the Monzó structure, others who appear, new, with the intention of joining Milei’s presidential project. Also to unruly leaders who belonged to Together for Change and others who until the year orbited around José Luis Espert.

Of all the leaders they talk to, they select one coordinator per district. Each pointer is assigned the task of putting together a local structure within each municipality.

In outline they have already designated pointers in districts such as Tigre, Vincent Lopez, San Martin, February third, San Miguel, Esteban Etcheverria, Lomas de zamora, Admiral Brown, At payment y Ezeiza.

While in the interior, they also have libertarian coordinators in districts such as Pinamar, Miramar, General Pueyrredón (Mar del Plata), and Olavarría. In the Eighth and Sixth electoral sections they have advanced talks to designate pointers in charge of coordinating the districts of that region.


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