Milan, the victim of gang rape and the pack known in Riccione: “They beat me up”

Milan, the victim of gang rape and the pack known in Riccione: “They beat me up”

The abandoned sports center in San Leonardo where the gang violence against a girl took place Milan, 31 August 2023 – The first meeting in Riccione with that group of boys. The makeshift dormitory in the changing rooms of an abandoned former sports center in via Fichera, on the corner with via Cilea, in the San Leonardo area. A place where desperate and homeless people still sleep. And gang violence in September. This is the reconstruction that the victim, an Italian minor, provided in a protected hearing to the investigators of the Flying Squad, putting in the minutes statements that the investigating judge considered “genuine, non-contradictory and very detailed”. You, the teenager, said that you met the young people in Riccione a few months earlier and that you followed them to Milan, where they found shelter in an abandoned structure at night. From Corso Como to San Leonardo On the day of the violence, the minor reported that she had met those boys again in Corso Como and that she had once again gone with them to the same abandoned sports centre: evidently, she thought she had nothing to fear, even though previously one of them, one of the two underage suspects on the loose, had threatened her with a knife. In the morning, when she woke up, she heard the young people talking in Arabic; then they attempted a sexual approach, to which the victim resisted, and at that point they started beating her, first of all with a stick and then with their bare hands. Then the brutal gang violence. The investigations During the second hearing, which took place in February, the victim viewed the images and videos recorded by the investigators during an inspection of the former sports center: he recognized the field, crossed after passing a fence, a black door near the changing rooms and the words “We love football” on a coffee table.

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