Mike Trésor explains himself after his red card

Mike Trésor explains himself after his red card

Sport Excluded against Antwerp after clearing the ball to Jelle Bataille, Mike Trésor was suspended and will miss the first of two games against Union Saint-Gilloise.

In an interview published on the KRC Genk website, Mike Trésor first explained that he “almost never took cards”. “I foul, but I didn’t even think it was a foul. So I look at the referee in surprise. But he just blows his whistle.”

Mike Trésor also explains that Bataille would have spoken words to him that he would not have liked. Footage then shows Trésor letting his frustration explode when he returns to the locker room.

“I think it only goes up in terms of frustration and emotion. In times like these, it’s not the best thing to do. Looking back, it’s still a shame, because I’m going to miss a game. It’s a play-off game, not a league game. It’s completely different.”

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