Miguel Lima was a pioneer of hospital medicine: Carmina Toriz – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Carmina Toriz Lira reported that, in 2002, the hospital was assigned the name of his spouse, “Dr. Miguel Lima Ramírez”, Since it was a pioneer physician of the integral hospital medicine of Tlaxcala and twice director of the Hospital.

That happened in the governor’s term Hector Israel Ortiz Ortiz, being Secretary of Health, Julián Velázquez Llorente.


When referring to the change of hospital facilities to the hospital area, where the government of Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez built a more modern and competitive building, Carmina Toriz opined that it is a normal change, “These facilities are obsolete, the population has already grown, it is necessary to change, we have to adapt.”

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Between tears and a broken voice, Carmina Toriz affirmed that is carried in the heart to hospital where he worked for 33 years, since last July 16 was his retirement.

Considered that it is going satisfied because he received gratitude from his patients for taking care of their health and helping them to have better living conditions. “I love my profession, I am going to miss working here a lot, but it is necessary to leave it, it is already a long time. Say what you had to give at the right time. I told many that I am the owner, because of what the Hospital means to me ”.

Earlier, she commented that she also worked in the Ministry of Health and in the State Population Council, as the first technical secretary.

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Thus, his last years of service in the city’s hospital was in general external consultation and care for migrants.

Miguel N. Lira was treated at HGT

Toriz shared that Miguel N. Lira, writer and teacher, was treated at the General Hospital of Tlaxcala because he trusted its staff and medical services. “Here he was given the treatment and here he passed away, after his end-stage bronchopulmonary cancer. But he didn’t want to go to another place, he preferred to be here ”.

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Carmina Toriz affirmed that the hospital where she worked for 33 years is in her heart, since last July 16 was her retirement.

Carmina Toriz, specialist

I love my profession very much, I am going to miss working here a lot, but it is necessary to leave it, it is a long time. Say what I had to give at the right time “



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