The Perreme deputy Miguel Gutiérrez was detained at the Miami International Airport six months and six days ago, a fact that occurred during his arrival on a flight from the Dominican Republic, accused of belonging to a transnational drug trafficking network that operated in the Dominican Republic, Colombia and USA.

Four days after his arrival, he heard the accusation of the United States Attorney’s Office, which links him together with the brothers Endy de Jesús and Danny Núñez Mármol. Later, the deputy’s brother, Miguel Emilio Gutiérrez Díaz, was arrested upon arriving in Miami from the Dominican Republic on a commercial flight, said a statement from the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD).

The representative was elected by Santiago as the most voted candidate: he received 21,177 votes. In that first hearing, he pleaded “not guilty” to the accusations against him and the Prosecutor for the Southern District of Florida decided to delay the trial, and argued that Assistant United States Attorney Ellen D’Angelo, in charge of the case, asked for more time to prepare the trial.

“At least a four-month extension is necessary to adequately complete the discovery and prepare the case for trial,” detailed the Prosecutor’s Office in its motion presented to the court.

So far, the Chamber of Deputies has not started any process aimed at stripping the representative of Santiago of curul.


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