Miguel Bosé caused concern after his presentation in La Voz de México

The musician will get personal in a production about his life

Miguel Bosé He became one of the most controversial artists of recent times, either because of his claims about the pandemic or because of rumors about his state of health.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the interpreter of “Don diablo” in the Mexican version of The voice caused a stir among social media users, who assured that the singer you did not understand what he was saying and that his voice was noticeably deteriorated.

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“What is happening to José José is happening to Miguel Bosé, It’s a shame”, Wrote a user in Twitter who compared the Spanish with the so-called “Prince of the song”, who he lost his voice because of his alcohol problems.

In the program broadcast by Azteca, Bosé participates as coach next to artists like Edith Márquez, María José and Jesús Navarro, from Reik, to find the next great singer from Mexico. The program, in addition to promoting new talents, is characterized by offering live performances of its artists.

Bosé sang the song “Nada particular”, but its staging caused disappointment by the followers of the program, as they assured that the singer was lip-syncing.

Playback in a program that has the title The voice is disrespecting everyone. Better not singWe understand who he is and why he is there, but if he does not have a voice that he does not play back, ”said another user on networks.

Last February, Mexican media had reported that the singer was in a complex state of health and that the thinness did not allow him to stand up, so he was confined in his house.

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Although the information was not confirmed and the singer was strong on the stage of the Mexican cycle, it is now his voice that drew attention and caused the concern of many. In recent years, the singer had to face the death of his mother, because of coronavirus, that of his niece Bimba Bosé and the separation of your partner, Nacho Palau, as well as a legal battle for their children.

In April he gave an interview to the Spanish journalist Jordi Évole which was filmed in Mexico City and which caused controversy for his opinion on the coronavirus.