Miguel Bosé and the problem with his voice, what is it due to?

Miguel Bosé and the problem with his voice, what is it due to?

    Miguel Bosé went to ‘El Hormiguero’ to present the series ‘Bosé’, which will premiere next Friday, March 3. The artist gave the program an interview from the depths of his soul, since it can be one of the most sincere. Bosé has been having problems with his voice for 8 years, something that has weighed heavily on him, since he has made a living for years with it. In 2019, Bosé published a video in which her voice was very hoarse and scared her faithful followers. “My voice comes and goes, now I can speak, but I have come to have no voice,” she explained in an interview with Jordi Évole and tonight with Pablo Motos we have been able to meet where does the problem come from?

    Last summer Miguel Bosé had severe back pain: “It comes from a terrible car accident I had in ’99… They operate on me for seven hours, they put 14 screws on me, I was devastated…”, it began. In one of the tests that was done, a doctor saw something that scared him: “He told me I can’t tell you. I want to consult a specialist. At that moment you think of the worst. Two days later he comes with two guys and He told me that, indeed, his suspicions are well founded and that the chronic sinusitis that I had been diagnosed with is not so. ‘We are sure and convinced that we can eliminate the problem of the voice, We have found the cause that causes the infections that removes it”, the guest continued astonished. “He told me that the problem was a tooth, when I put a wrong implant over time it became an infection that infected my entire face and down to the intestines, everything! They removed my tooth and the next day my voice had returned. After 8 years”, and the presenter was left speechless.

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    “They had told me that it was emotional, that it was from the lungs, that it was reflux, I tried everything and traveled the world visiting the best doctors in Milan, London, Madrid, Mexico, New York… 8 years traveling with a tremendous misery in the soul because he had lost the tool. I already asked God that if I couldn’t sing I wouldn’t sing but that he would give me my voice back so that my children would know what the timbre of their father’s voice was, so that I could communicate.”

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