Migrations issued more than 100,000 passports in August, the highest monthly figure on record

Migrations issued more than 100,000 passports in August, the highest monthly figure on record

The National Migration Superintendency issued more than 100,000 electronic passport booklets during August 2023, the highest monthly number recorded to date, compared to previous years, the entity reported.

This record number was possible thanks to overcoming the passport shortage problem, which has affected Migrations in recent years, and which has now made it possible to increase attention in favor of citizens.

In total, 108,544 electronic passports were issued in August, with which more than 548,289 travel documents have been issued so far this year, nationwide, to meet the accumulated demand.

It is estimated that, by the end of this year, Migrations has provided users with more than one million electronic passports, far exceeding the average of nearly 600,000 travel documents issued on average over the last 5 years.

Last March and April, Migrations made two acquisitions of 546,000 and 800,000 electronic passport booklets, respectively. These acquisitions made it possible to secure a stock of more than 1.3 million passport booklets, of which the total for the first acquisition has already been received.

Since appointments were enabled on May 19, thousands of citizens have been reserving their attention at the Breña headquarters, as well as in decentralized agencies, zonal headquarters and MAC centers throughout the country.

People who need a passport to travel abroad before the available appointment date can go to the Migration offices with their scheduled travel ticket within the next two business days. In these cases they will be attended without an appointment.

Likewise, people who need the electronic passport to process a visa, scholarship, travel for health treatment, among others, can submit an application, through the Digital Agency’s parties table, attaching the documentation that supports their request.

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