The warning exploded like thunder: “Look, I have no doubts … we, if we don’t get involved in this, we are going to lose our country, without firing a shot,” and it comes from the Director General of Migration, referring to the massive presence of Haitians Throughout the national territory.

Enrique García, head of the immigration body, believes that the undocumented Haitians who are here must be regularized to prevent their illegal entry, “because we cannot lose our country.”

This was said by García in an interview for the D’Agenda program, directed by the journalist Héctor Herrera Cabral through der Telesistema, channel 11.

“If the massive Haitian immigration is not stopped, in a period of between 10 to 20 years we could lose the country, without firing a shot”, giving an example of what happened in Kosovo.

The situation is so worrying that the Director of Migration explained that 20 years ago, when he was Commissioner for the Reform and Modernization of Justice, a

Census that showed that the prison population of Haitian origin was minimal, contrary to what is happening now: 10 percent of crimes and crimes committed in the country are perpetrated by Haitian immigrants.

At the rate things are going, he adds, with Haitians participating in criminal activities, “the country will not only be peacefully invaded, but there will be strong crime in the Dominican Republic, because in Haiti there are eight or nine criminal gangs that are the who control that territory ”.

“What is left for you when you have a neighbor who can no longer bear it?” Asked the official, by then he himself would give the answer: “protect your home, your property and your family, and that is what the President Luis Abinader has planned with the border project ”.

That project, he indicated, “is not a simple fence, or a wall; it is a project to protect the border ”.

The letter to Abinader
A group of former Haitian soldiers expressed their rejection of the possibility that the massive migrations of Haitians across the Dominican border could cause government instability in the Dominican Republic and other nations in the region.

This is contained in a communication sent by the ex-military of the neighboring country to the Dominican President Luis Abinader, dated September 29 and published last Friday by the Haitian digital newspaper “Le Nouvelliste”.

They refer to Abinader’s recent statement to the UN forum on the Haitian crisis, and its effects on the country and the region.

They are all grouped in the Haitian Military Association, which explains to Abinader that “his diligent approaches to the sister nations of Latin America seem to stem from an emotional impetus that contradicts the sacrosanct geopolitical dogma, according to which states only have interests, never friends” .


They tell Abinader that “his qualification of the Haitian crisis as a factor of insecurity in the region is a direct call for the application of Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter, which has earned us 23 years of occupation. with the added bonus of cholera, proliferation of armed gangs and today an imploded police force ”.


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