It is not a natural law that migration leads to death so often. And especially in corona times there is no excuse for doing nothing.

Young men set off from Niger towards Libya, a dangerous journey that often ends in death Foto: Jerome Delay/ap

Migrants and refugees are the big losers in the corona crisis. Not only are they exposed to the same medical and economic risks as everyone else, they are also particularly affected by border closures and travel restrictions. Because they move from one country to another, they are rooted in more than one place and have more than one home.

The basis of Covid-19 control is isolation and isolation: who prevents the virus from circulating, can complicate the spread of the pandemic. The basis of migration and flight, on the other hand, are movement and crossing borders – those who interrupt them cut the lives of the people concerned.

The knowledge now released about the suffering and death of African refugees on their way to Europe long before they even reach the Mediterranean is actually not new.

The European public has gotten used to horror reports about torture in Libyan internment camps or about dying of thirst in the Sahara desert – so much so that hardly anyone bothered to listen to African refugees and migrants in Europe to collect their stories, theirs Document experiences and memories and also their grief and traumas. Everyone and everyone who makes it to Europe knows people who fell by the wayside who died on the way. And each of these deaths is a failure to provide assistance.

It is not a natural law that people on the move are cut off from medical care; that they die from lack of water and untreated injuries; that they literally go to the dogs in the brutal mafia game between greedy smugglers and corrupt security guards.

It is also not a natural law that thousands of migrants drown in the Mediterranean and that survivors in EU countries often end up in the margins of society and lawlessly live in slavery-like conditions of exploitation that white Europe only becomes aware of if the corona virus spreads there.

All of this can be prevented and stopped. Doing this or not is a political decision.

Especially in corona times there is no excuse for doing nothing. If you can count Covid 19 deaths, you can also count dead refugees. And do something about dying. All people are equal in death. It is high time that this also applies in life.