** Migrants: Piantedosi 'compact' opposition, from Calenda to Pd and M5S 'resignation'**

** Migrants: Piantedosi 'compact' opposition, from Calenda to Pd and M5S 'resignation'**

Rome, 1 March. (Adnkronos) – The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, succeeds in the ‘miracle’. His statements on the Crotone massacre, his “political responsibilities” even before what will be ascertained by the ongoing investigation, have consolidated the opposition in his resignation request. From Carlo Calenda to Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party, the 5 Stars, to Più Europa and Verdi-Left, the same request arrives to the owner of the Interior Ministry. Request for resignation which was recorded during the hearing of the minister today in the Constitutional Affairs commission in the Chamber. The new Pd secretary is clear: “We are confidently awaiting the results of the investigations but from the point of view of political responsibilities I agree with what my colleagues have said, already only his statements suggest his resignation and a profound reflection for Giorgia Meloni”. Stefano Colucci speaks on behalf of the 5 Stars: “Given the evident incompleteness of the behavior of the ministry, I reiterate the request for your resignation and to come urgently to report to the courtroom”. Then Riccardo Magi of Più Europa: “You quoted Kennedy: ‘Don’t ask yourself what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’. But what can an Afghan boy do for his country? And a family of Iranians? In my opinion, they can expect from our country what the Constitution provides. We believe that you should resign”. Same request from Filiberto Zaratti of Avs. Carlo Calenda moves via twitter: “Pantedosi from the Dl Rave to the ‘residual load’ to end up with the horrifying declarations on migrants and the subsequent stammering (‘we’ll go get them’), he has shown that he is not fit to be a Minister. It would be wise for the Government to ask him for a step back”. Will the request for resignation result in a parliamentary act or a motion of no confidence? There is still no determination on this. From Schlein’s side it is explained that, for the moment, the request is limited to having a “political” value. Also because, it is reasoned, the no-confidence motion could only end up uniting the government around Piantedosi. But the option still remains on the table. “We are evaluating it – Magi explains speaking to reporters in Transatlantico – and if we decide to present the no-confidence motion we will discuss the text with the other groups”. But there is also another request from the opposition: that of urgent information from the owner of the Interior Ministry in Parliament. She was asked in the group leaders of the House and Senate and not scheduled. The dem group leader says at Palazzo Madama: “We asked it yesterday in the group leaders and we reiterated it everywhere: we ask that ministers Piantedosi and Salvini come and report to the courtroom on what happened in the Crotone shipwreck”. Magi highlights how the Interior Minister said today in the committee hearing that he is always ready to come to Parliament: “Piantedosi said he is always available but then why is the information not scheduled? What do you expect?”.



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