Not only the 'Open Arms' is in a desperate situation at sea with 150 migrants on board waiting for a port to dock. Another humanitarian ship, in the central Mediterranean, in international waters off the coast of Libya, also has 356 people on board for days. Its about 'Ocean Viking', the ship of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SOS Mediterraée, also waiting for destiny and a better future for the people on board. All of them flee from the terror of war, rapes and torture. Facing the uncertain challenge of the sea is for all of them something much better than what they leave behind.

“I left Sudan after an armed group killed my father in front of me during an attack on my people. I have an older brother who left for Libya before me, but now he is missing. I wanted to come to Europe to find work and for my family's life to improve. It took me seven days to cross the Sahara. We only ate bread a couple of times, and every night we received a liter of water that we had to share among 33 people. I saw how they shot and killed a man with whom he was traveling for no reason, "says a 16-year-old Sudanese teenager.

Escape the bombing

For more than a year he lived and worked in Libya and had to pay for his release several times. Before being rescued by the 'Ocean Viking', he had already tried to make the leap to Europe on two other occasions and in both cases he was captured by the Libyan Coast Guard. The first time he managed to escape, but the second ended at the Tayura detention center, where he was when he was bombed in early July. "Many people died". He managed to escape after running barefoot. "Every person with whom I have spoken has been imprisoned, extorted, forced to work in conditions of slavery or torture", explained the MSF humanitarian affairs expert Yuka Crickmar.

Another young Sudanese, this 17-year-old, tells that he spent four days at sea before the rescue, in a boat whose bottom was broken the same day they left Libya. "Nobody slept because we had to get water with an empty fuel can. We ran out of food and water after the first day. A man became so desperate for fear that he jumped overboard and we had to help him get back on the raft. We were so afraid that we only thought of death: we thought we were going to die, "he says before explaining why he wants to come to Europe." A place where human rights are respected, where they treat me like a human being and where I can find work to support me and my family. "

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