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I find behavior a strange standard anyway, because how would you explain, for example, what kind of engine is in your car? After all, you can no longer talk about a diesel engine, because ‘diesel’ is not about how the engine behaves.

An important characteristic of a diesel engine is that it consumes diesel. The entire engine is even designed for this, because the combustion process is significantly different from that of other types of engines.

A not so important part of the game Quake is the console, and how it was implemented in the game.

Same with the blinds example. ‘Clone’ Luxaflex is functionally completely similar to Luxaflex, and is therefore also called that.

Behavior is a proper measure in this regard. What makes this terminal different from other terminals? It comes down from the top of the screen. Top-down or drop-down would therefore make much more sense.

Language is flexible, so I can’t say ‘Quake terminal’ is incorrect. It does, however, cover the load less well than specific other terms.

According to Google, ‘drop-down terminal’ is 10x more popular than ‘Quake terminal’. Drop-down I see much more often used, especially in *NIX like contexts. Of course, popularity doesn’t have to be a decisive argument, but one reason drop-down is probably more popular is because it provides an unambiguous description without requiring you to have specific expertise in the field to know what it’s about.

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