New planes, airports, cities, and the DirectX 12 API available in beta.

Released in August 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator returns today in a GOTY edition (Game of the Year Edition). This version includes new airplanes as well as new manually edited airports. From a technical point of view, Microsoft evokes an updated meteorological system, new cities benefiting from a photogrammetric rendering but also the implementation of DirectX 12 in beta mode.

The video above illustrates most of the new features. On the aircraft side, five new aircraft are taking off: the Boeing F / A-18 Super Hornet, the game’s first military aircraft; the VoloCity; the Pilatus PC-6 Porter; the CubCrafters NX Cub; the Aviat Pitts Special S1S. There are eight additional airports: the airports of Leipzig / Halle (EDDP), Allgäu Memmingen (EDJA) and Kassel (EDVK) in Germany; Lugano Airport (LSZA), Zurich (LSZH) and Luzern-Beromunster (LSZO) airports in Switzerland; Patrick Space Force Base (KCOF) and Miramar Marine Corps Air Station (KNKX) in the United States. Added to all this are new tutorials and additional missions.

Flight Simulator confronted with reality in 4 videos

New features

On the functional side, Microsoft mentions an updated weather system, without further details; when it was released, the title was already benefiting from severe meteorological effects. In addition, thanks to the partnership with Bing Maps, new photogrammetric cities have been added: Helsinki (Finland), Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), Brighton, Derby, Eastbourne, Newcastle and Nottingham (United Kingdom) and Utrecht (Netherlands ). Finally, Flight Simulator recently incorporated the DirectX12 API in beta. For the moment, the performance gains compared to DirectX 11 would be non-existent according to the videos relayed by the DSOGaming site.

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If you already own Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox Series X / S, this Game of the Year Edition comes in the form of a free update. New pilots will start directly with this version of the game.

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