Windows 11 from Microsoft It is already quickly reaching several computers and laptops in the world, but with it it also brings a series of changes in several applications, one of them is Microsoft Office, which, from today, you can get it for free and legally.

To be able to use Microsoft Office It is necessary to have a paid subscription, but there is a not so conventional method from which you can create your account and thus enjoy programs like Word, Excel, Power Point, among others.

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How do I do it? Although there is a series of pages on the internet that offer you the complete pack of Microsoft Office, as well as a key to crack it, here we will mention the fastest way to be able to have Microsoft Office with total security, and without viruses involved.


Remember that this only works on computers or PCs where you are just starting to use Microsoft Office and that do not have a subscription:

  • The first thing will be to enter this link from the Microsoft page.
  • There you will be asked for your email. Use the one you have with Microsoft, it can be Hotmail.
  • After that, simply fill in all the information that is requested. In case they ask you for the name of the company, remember that this is optional.
  • Now you will be asked for an ID, so you must put the initial email again and if it will be used for future logins. Click on “Yes”.
Here you must put your email in order to verify your Microsoft ID. (Photo: Microsoft)
  • At that moment you will be asked for the phone number to check the code that is sent to you.
  • Enter your cell phone number with the country code.
  • Now you will simply be given an ID in addition to being able to set your password.
  • When you have it, click on “Accept” and the page will redirect you to a Microsoft portal to download Microsoft Office.
  • When you finish downloading the file, simply open it and select the programs you want to obtain for personal use: it can be Word, Power Point or Excel.
  • Click on “Start session” when you open the programs.
  • There, re-enter your ID and password.
  • Now you will be able to use Word, Excel, Power Point and other types of Microsoft Office programs for a long time.

It should be noted that these steps have been provided by the web infobae and they may vary in the future, although if you have already downloaded it and logged into your account, there will be no problems in the short or medium term.


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