Microsoft is ending support for the Visual Studio IDE for Mac

Microsoft is ending support for the Visual Studio IDE for Mac

Microsoft recently made a major decision by ending support for the Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Mac. In fact, the company has decided to focus its resources and efforts on improving their flagship application, Visual Studio.

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Now users of Mac and other operating systems will be able to access Visual Studio through Microsoft Dev Box. This offers a unified and optimized solution for all developers, regardless of their working environment.

Despite End of Visual Studio Support, Microsoft Continues Commitment to Developers on Mac

With the discontinuation of support for Visual Studio pour Mac, developers now have access to other solutions. They can rely on alternatives such as C# SDK pour VS Codeas well asother extensions. These solutions guarantee continuity in the use of investments dedicated to the .NET development on Mac. There is thus a smooth transition to tools adapted to their work environment.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Microsoft will continue to provide updates and one support pour Visual Studio for Mac 17.6 until the end of August 2024. However, there will be no more new development stack additions.

There are other flexible solutions for Mac developers to maintain access to Visual Studio functionality

THE mac developers have several other options for continuing to use Visual Studio even after support for theIDE for Mac. First, they can opt to use Microsoft Dev Box.

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Another, more technical alternative is to run a windows environment within a virtual machine on their Mac. This approach covers a wide range of FDI needs. It supports legacy projects such as Xamarin et F#as well as development experiences remotely on iOS.

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