Security gaps in the Microsoft Edge web browser are closed in the latest version. In addition, the web browser will be equipped with new security updates.

the essentials in brief

  • Microsoft is equipping the Edge web browser with new security updates.
  • In addition, several security holes have been fixed.
  • The new version is available immediately.

The latest version of the Edge web browser is equipped with the security updates for Chromium. In addition, three security holes in the Edge Browser have been closed.

Bug fixes have been made in the new Edge version 96.0.1054.29 of the Microsoft Edge Stable Channel. The three vulnerabilities are identified as CVE-2021-43220, CVE-2021-42308, and CVE-2021-43221.

The last two were rated as important – the third as moderate. Two of the security holes allow spoofing attacks, reports «IT Magazine». The second even allows code to be executed remotely on the target device. The new version is available to users immediately.

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