Microsoft dethrons Apple and becomes the most valuable company in the world again

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The good moment of Microsoft, the doubts in Apple

It is the first time in more than a year that the web giant, founded by Bill Gates, has removed the scepter from Silicon Valley rival led by Tim Cook. And despite the accounts of the last quarters, better than expected by Microsoft, and disappointing for Apple.


So far this year, shares in the company founded by Gates have risen more than 40%, while Apple is up 15% and Amazon about 6%. Apple fell 1.8% a day after reporting that its revenue was constrained by supply shortages, while Amazon lost 2.2% after higher costs and supply chain problems hit its bottom line. financial statements and your income forecast.

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Cook points the finger at the crisis linked both to the production difficulties of iPhones linked to the pandemic in Southeast Asia, and to the lack of a chip that would be costing the apple house about 6,000 million dollars. It is taken advantage of by the Redmond colossus, which has more than others in the Big Tech sector benefiting from smart working and investments in cloud computing, reaching 20% ​​of the market share behind only Amazon, which exceeds 40%.

Different rhythms

Thus, on Wall Street at the end of the week, Apple’s title lost 3% during the hiring day. However, the house of Cupertino was the first company to reach both a billion dollars and 2 billion dollars of capitalization, surpassing Microsoft for the first time when they were still at the head of the two companies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and confirming itself as the richest group in the world last year beating Saudi oil giant Aramco.

Microsoft had recently surpassed the house of Cupertino in 2020 and had closed for the first time on the 2 trillion dollars of capitalization, last June, after the first update in five years of its Windows operating system. Now, the company seems to have returned to the golden times, as in 1999, in the midst of the technology bubble in the markets, reaching the peak of 615 billion dollars in value, an absolute record at that time.

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“Microsoft became the Tom Brady of tech titles,” investors joked, referring to the still-booming football star at the revered 44-year-old. Meanwhile, the warnings from Apple and Amazon are nothing more than a sample of what they suffer and raise other companies that fear that this will affect the year-end sales season that begins after Thanksgiving. Two key dates for year-end sales in the northern hemisphere.



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