Microsoft comes up with autopatch and phishing protection

11. April 2022 –
Microsoft is bringing two new features to its Windows 11 operating system: Windows Autopatch and phishing protection. The features are intended to make work easier for users on the one hand and to ensure greater security on the other.

Windows 11 will make work easier for administrators with the Windows Autopatch feature. From July, this security and maintenance update should be carried out automatically on client devices, as “Winfuture” writes. Updates to the operating system functions and drivers are also included. Some third-party drivers that are automatically applied should also be taken into account. However, this does not apply to optional drivers.

According to the report, the option should be free for companies that meet certain license requirements and Windows Enterprise E3-type prerequisites. Autopatch is also supported for users of Windows 365 for Enterprise. Meanwhile, users of Windows 365 for Business should not be able to enjoy the feature.

In addition to autopatch, Microsoft has promised phishing protection that is intended to improve the protection of Windows users. According to another report by “Winfuture”, this can be activated via the settings. This function is intended to inform users if a password could be compromised or transmitted unencrypted through a website. (af)

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