Michigan governor accuses Trump of inciting violence

It was not the time for rivalries. One after another, Republican Michigan politicians on Thursday took to social media to condemn armed militias that planned to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, but not Donald Trump.

Unlike. The president accused the governor of having done “a horrible job” during the pandemic for ordering the closure of businesses that so outraged the far-right radicals who wanted to kidnap her and subject her to a summary “trial.” The plan was to attack the state Capitol, take several representatives as hostages and cause “a civil war”, they had explained in the recordings made by an FBI informant.

Two of the thirteen detainees appear in the shocking photos of armed protesters who stormed the state capitol last April to protest the confinement and the use of masks, without the police being able to prevent it by exercising their constitutional right to bear arms freely. “And when I said it was scary to work like that, they answered me that I was exaggerating,” the governor tweeted.

Whitmer blamed this directly on the president, who at that time instigated his followers to take up arms and take justice into his own hands with phrases such as “Free Michigan!” “Just last week the president again instigated them by telling them ‘be ready,’ he recalled referring to the get that Trump launched at them during the presidential debate, when the moderator asked him if he condemned the extreme right.

Trump responded by calling her “ungrateful” in an interview with Fox. “It was MY Justice Department that aborted the plan and stopped them,” he stressed, in a possessive tone that alarmed many. “It is not YOUR Department of Justice, but that of all Americans,” recalled Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

Although the governor has received special protection from the FBI, the state congressmen who may have shared her fate in the kidnapping they planned will be left alone with fear in their bodies. The Wolverine Watchmen militia that the detainees were part of is by no means the only one that has tuned in to Trump. During these four years the president has sent them enough signals to empower them in their violent plans and the last one, “take a step back and be ready,” is considered a call to chaos in case the polls do not give him victory. that waits.

Trump’s alibi is that he has “Jewish grandchildren,” his vice president Mike Pence recalled during Wednesday’s debate, but he takes advantage of Nazi swastika lovers for his own purposes and has turned them into his personal militia. On Twitter, he said he does not condone the violence but immediately referred to the one that Black Lives Matter supporters created after George Floyd’s death at the hands of a policeman.