Michelle Serova in a mini skirt boasted luxurious legs

The daughter of a famous artist is taking her final exams at the Gnessin Academy of Music.

Michelle Serova. Photo: instagram.com/mishel_serova

The daughter of the singer Alexander Serov – Michelle – followed in his footsteps and linked her life with music. The girl decided to reinforce her talent with a diploma from one of the best educational institutions in Russia, she is finishing her studies at the Gnessin Academy of Music.

“We had a busy week in Gnesinka. We passed exams, tests, defended a diploma. At the weekend, we relaxed a bit, stayed at home, invited guests. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I was too tired in a week. Ahead is the state exam in vocal and that’s it, 4 years of study behind us, ”Serova wrote on her Instagram.

She supported her reasoning with a photograph in which she posed in a pink miniskirt, flashing slender legs and a chiseled figure. We add that 28-year-old Michelle has already managed to make her star father a grandfather, giving him a granddaughter, who was named Mia.

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