Michelle Rubalcava confesses why the lawsuits with Gustavo Adolfo Infante began

A little over a year and a half after leaving the show program ‘De Primera Mano’ on Imagen Televisión, which he shared with Mónica Noguera and Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Michelle Rubalcava He talks about how the conflicts with the owner of the program were born.

In an interview with Inés Moreno, Michelle began to say, “2017 everything was fine, 2018 fine although a strange attitude from the man towards me was already beginning, 2019 was already more f*cking* leaving me in the air, a very complicated situation”.

As he shared, Michelle was sent to “events where no one came” but everything after everything got worse when the pandemic started, When the pandemic came, things got worse. It started to go very well for me, the artists said ‘Let Michelle come’, they began to ask me and I felt very pretty. According to me, in my world, I was fine with him, and everyone ‘How ugly he treats you on the air!’. Could it be that he was so happy that he didn’t take that to my pillow? Then I began to realize that it was a very complicated situation.” said.

Regarding these complicated moments, he shared that the group Hombres G behaved rudely with him when he went to cover his autograph signing at CDMX, they behaved rude I arrived and reported what happened. So I told him: ‘Super rude, they didn’t beat us up’ and he started talking really ugly about Hombres G. And the next day: ‘Because of you they are finishing meWhy did you tell me that they treated you badly? But I didn’t make him say anything, they just asked me how the event went. Who am I to tell Gustavo Adolfo what he has to say? mentioned.

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However, everything would have been more complicated when they shared the results of a focus group of the program, “There were already some things in which he said: “What horror! Suddenly a focus group arrives, a study they do to evaluate how the programs are doing. They pass with Gustavo and they told him his qualification, and he was not happy. They give Monica’s a better grade than Gustavo’s. Y when my result came in, they said: ‘Freshness, charisma’. Gustavo said: ‘Can you repeat his result for me?’, and a strain. From then on she no longer spoke to me, she no longer greeted me”.

Finally, according to Michelle, the lawsuit broke out at a television station’s Christmas party where the show’s producer was not invited. “The drivers were invited, we went and we were having a good time, father, I said ‘Let it be a moment to smooth things over’. I was hugging him, throwing out my mother, suddenly they sit us down with the executives and playing our boss asks us: ‘Let’s see Mich, now tell Gustavo what you want in front of us’. But we were all playing. And I: ‘Yes, I have to tell you, my friend, that you go too far with Monica because sometimes you make very ugly comments against her,’ but it didn’t happen from there.”

And continued, “I don’t know what they told him the next day because he didn’t remember what had happened, like then they brainwashed him”.

According to Michelle, it was the show’s producer who “brainwashed” the driver after the Christmas party,the producer brainwashed him because it was the only production company that they didn’t invite to that meeting and I was angry… When they sent for me I didn’t understand anything, in my head it had been a little m*dre meeting in which we joked, I was very happy and this lady distorted everything ”, concluded.

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Uncensored Michelle Rubalcava talks about the lawsuits with Gustavo Adolfo



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