A few days after the birth of the daughter of Michelle Galvan and her husband, Fernando Guajardo, the new family of three members is already installed at home. Last weekend, the journalist from First Impact (Univision) disclosed that both she and her baby were ready to leave Kendall Baptist Hospital, where he was born on July 22 , and move home to Miami, Florida. At home, the presenter’s mother and grandmother awaited them with great emotion, who decorated the apartment with flowers, balloons and dozens of gifts that the couple’s friends sent them, after Megan’s birth.

Michelle Galvan© @ michellegalvantv
The journalist of Mexican origin excited her fans with these images

According to information provided by Michelle’s publicist, the journalist’s mother and grandmother – who traveled from Monterrey to accompany them on these special days – were unable to go with them to the hospital to witness Megan’s birth. So, as you might imagine, both women were eager to meet the baby and cuddle her at home. Through her social networks, the proud mother shared some photos and videos of the beautiful decoration by her mother and grandmother, Mrs. Marcela and Gloria, respectively.

Michelle Galván with her mother and grandmother©Custom
Michelle Galván received her mother and grandmother in Miami, who traveled from Mexico to accompany her at this special moment

In addition to this, Michelle’s apartment was flooded with flower arrangements and all kinds of tender details that several of her friends sent her, as well as the productions of First impact and Wake up America, which were pending the arrival of the baby. One of the things that fascinated Michelle the most was that her mother and grandmother bought some metallic balloons to form their daughter’s name in gold letters. In addition to this, her mom cooked her some of her favorite dishes.

As if that were not enough, little Megan received a super special gift from her granny. Michelle said that when she was little, her mother gave her a cute little sheepskin plush toy, and now this toy will pass into the hands of her daughter, from generation to generation! “Well, my mom was in charge of making my favorite dishes and leaving us details everywhere, like this one that I love. It’s a little sheep that she gave me when I got home, it was my first stuffed animal, and well now it’s her granddaughter’s. ”