Laura Müller (21) and Michael Wendler (49) have actually been married since June 19, 2020. Actually, because the pop singer has now referred to himself as a “single man” on an official document.

Background: After a brief invitation to tender, the Wendler sold his luxury villa in Cape Coral, Florida, according to “Bild”. He was able to make a lot of profit. The new buyer paid 890,000 US dollars (825,300 francs). When the singer moved into the property in 2016, he only had to spend $ 474,000 on it (around CHF 439,500). The Wendler earned 416,000 dollars (385,700 francs) from the sale of the house. Money that the German tax office would actually like to see with them. Because in Germany the Wendler has, among other things, over a million euros in tax debts.

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