Michael Jackson: his last moving words revealed by his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley

This Saturday, June 25 is marked by the 13th anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. The opportunity to return to the king of pop through the poignant testimony of his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, who remembered her last conversation with the artist.

The death of an icon. It has already been thirteen years since Michael Jackson, one of the greatest artists of all time, if not the greatest, died prematurely. Died at the age of 50, the king of pop has branded the history of music and several generations of listeners. And on the private side, the observation is the same. Indeed, the artist has always had the same aura and left no one indifferent in his surroundings. Lisa Marie Presley is proof of that. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2010, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife recalled his last conversations with the icon. “He asked me if I still loved him, she began. I told him that I was indifferent and he didn’t like that word.” Elvis Presley’s only daughter then went on to say that Michael Jackson was particularly worried about his life and his legacy. He concluded the conversation by explaining that “someone was going to try to kill him” in order to “get your hands on his catalog and his legacy”.

Upset, Lisa Marie Presley was left speechless. “I really didn’t know what to do with it”, she regretted on the set of Oprah Winfrey. After revealing this poignant exchange, the rock singer then plunged back into the day of Michael’s death, June 25, 2009. Again, her testimony was heartbreaking. “I don’t know why, but it was the strangest day of my life. I cried all day. And I don’t normally do that”she first explained before adding that she was unable to perform “tasks” Daily : “I was trying to work, coming home, literally cutting my food, I ate my dinner crying. It was only when John Travolta, her friend, warned her of the terrible news that Lisa Marie Presley understood the source of her emotion.

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“We were really in love”

Despite the separation and the painful moments she went through, Lisa Marie Presley drew up a positive assessment of its relationship with Michael Jackson. “He tried so hard and went through so much with me. He’s never done this with any other woman or person, as much as what we’ve been through”, she shared during the exchange with Oprah Winfrey. Still, that hasn’t stopped the two exes from heading out straight to breaking : “When we were together, we were really in love and we had some tough times, and then I had to make the decision to leave. Because I saw that the drugs and the doctors were coming and they scared me and it brought me back to what i had been through with my dad — and that ended our relationship.”

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