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And one day she activated the process, that complex but wonderful path of pursuing the dream of embracing motherhood. A decision that she meditated until she was fed up and that she finally took as her own to try to crystallize the longing.

Rleisure Marengo provided indications, some time ago, of launching herself into the challenge of becoming a single mother, after the refusal of her partner Eduardo Fort to be a father again. Far from curbing their impulses due to this discrepancy, the media understood that there are other methods.

Recently, the famous one filled her Instagram with a series of contents inside a clinic, she even acknowledged that she was sedated for some medical procedure and that invited to suppose that it is the activation of this search for motherhood.

I’m very happy! I appreciate all the love you send me in your messages. I will continue to be connected with myself, my family and friends (I have the best), at this very personal and desired moment.”, Rocío published in her official account of the digital platform.

In this context, in these mobilizing days for Marengo, surprising support appeared, given that Mica Viciconte dedicated a mega emotional message to himwhich betrays the complicity that unites them and above all the behavior of similar emotions by their joints.

With a photo of both of them in the privacy of an apartment, the girlfriend of Fabian Cubero He wrote to Rocío: “I love you, I admire you and I hug you on this path that is so important to you. I am here to accompany you, to listen to you“.

And to round off her moving phrase, Mica referred to the understanding of everything that motherhood means and said: “Enjoy this process and be patient. Here we are your friends for whatever you need“.

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