Mica Viciconte reacted when she found out that Evaluna Montaner and Camilo ate her baby’s placenta

Camilo Echeverry revealed that his wife Evaluna Montaner and he ate Indigo’s placenta with olive oil. Mica Viciconte reacted without filter.

Mica He did not hesitate and, with a disgusted face, he maintained: “What? Nope! I didn’t eat it, apart from that it’s disgusting”.

“It’s not that I love my son more or less for eating the placenta, but I don’t. I saw how everything turned out and the truth… what a stomach! All good, but no, it happened ”, closed Viciconte.


Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry kept their fans in suspense with the birth of Indigo, their first daughter. During the pregnancy they never said the sex of the baby and also speculated on the date of delivery. Now another fact was known that left the couple’s followers speechless: the musician said that his wife ate the placenta after giving birth.

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TN Show published that during an interview with the program La Resistencia, the interpreter of “Vida de rico” explained that Ricardo Montaner’s daughter ingested it encapsulated. First they steamed it, then they dehydrated it and finally they put it into pills.

Camilo is so happy with the arrival of his baby that he even took a photo of his first stool, since his texture seemed “fascinating.” In the networks they did not take long to echo his statements and the criticisms were present. They were accused of being dirty, dirty and being “the cool couple”.

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On April 9, the musician shared a series of high-impact images with his followers. There he was seen with Evaluna Montaner naked giving birth to Indigo, his first daughter.

“Indigo was born. God was present in every second of the birth in our home. She is a happy and curious girl. Evaluna is the strongest, most virtuous, and bravest woman who has walked this planet. All my respect, my service and my dedication to the queen of this house! ”, He wrote excitedly.



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