Miami collapses in Minnesota and falls to a huge Edwards

The Minnesota Timberwolves they threw their claw and pride last night to get a well deserved win over Miami Heat, 101-113. Anthony Edwards he led his team with a brilliant performance and allowed the wolves to come back in the second half.

Edwards, a second-year NBA player, stole the limelight from all the stars around him to score one of his best games in the league. Ended up with 33 points, 14 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals, a spectacular line that was well worth a victory.

On a rather poor night for the Minnesota stars, it was his turn to pull the car. Did it in 43 minutes and without giving up any of the responsibilities you had in the game.

Karl-Anthony Towns he stayed at just 11 points, playing fewer minutes with some physical discomfort, and D’Angelo Russell he scored 20 but suffered on the shot and with the Miami defense.

Another who also stood out, this one from the bench, was Malik Beasley. The exterior contributed 29 points for Minnesota to stay alive in a game that looked very ugly at halftime. The offensive gale after passing through changing rooms He brought them back to meet and there was no turning back.

Up front, the Miami Heat were without response. Jimmy Butler he denied the scoring responsibility, Duncan Robinson he limited himself to throwing triples and accumulated a tragic -26 on track differential and Tyler Herro (5/18 shooting) He was unable to revolutionize the match by coming off the bench.

Nothing came out in the ranks of those of Eric Spoelstra. The safest was Bam Adebayo, who scored 17 points on a 7/10 shooting series. However, he missed 7 shots from the personnel line that would have brought his own on the scoreboard.

The Heat fell at the Target Center and add their seventh loss of the season, the sixth away from the Miami heat. They are still strong in the Eastern Conference but this year nothing is given away. The Wolves, on the other hand, return to 50% win / loss after last night’s triumph.

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