MG has been back in Europe for two years. MG? The former cult brand used to build hot roadsters in Great Britain, today it supplies electric SUVs under Chinese direction. However, it has not yet been able to really benefit from the electric boom. Last year 37,000 MGs were delivered – calculated across Europe, i.e. those 16 countries in which the brand is already represented.

And satisfied? CEO Matt Lei (48) talks about it: “I want to sell as many MG models as possible in Europe. It’s not about quantity for us, but about fulfilling customer requirements and gaining experience. ” It doesn’t look bad for 2021, adds Mike Belinfante (58), head of Europe; in Great Britain, 21,000 cars were sold in the first half of the year. In addition, like everyone else, his brand is suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus and the global chip crisis – a forecast is impossible: “Who knows how many cars we would have sold without the crisis?” Says Lei.

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