Meyer’s Manx 2.0. Electric: This is what the buggy looks like as an electric car

The VW ID Buggy Concept study presented in 2019 gave fans hope for an electric fun vehicle. But the Ingolstadt company rejected the project as early as 2020. Now there is good news: American manufacturer Meyers Manx, known for buggy conversions based on the VW Beetle, wants to introduce the 2.0 Electric, a purely electric beach buggy, from next year. In 2023, a small run of 50 copies will be produced. In the following year, the Americans want to mass-produce the topless Stromer.

Unlike the classic Meyers Manx cars, no VW technology will be used in the 2.0 Electric. This means the high oil consumption of the old VW engines is not an issue in the Meyers Manx, and since it is purely electrically powered, it does not burn a drop of the valuable raw material. Visually, however, the similarities with the historical model are clear. Here, too, free-standing wheels, large roll bars or the round headlights mounted on the front panel are characteristic. Inside, the e-buggy offers two seats and a spartan cockpit with a round speedometer in the middle of the dashboard. As befits a buggy, the body has no doors and is open at the top. There is a hard top for rain and sun protection. Even with this, however, the interior remains open to the flanks.

The drive technology is contemporary despite the retro look. Two electric motors with a total of 150 kW/204 hp and 325 Newton meters of torque are used on the rear axle, with which the sprint from a standing start to 100 km/h should succeed in 4.5 seconds. There is a choice of two battery options with 20 or 40 kWh for a range of 240 or 480 kilometers. Prices for the e-buggy have not yet been announced.

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Meyers Manx wants to present the new 2.0 Electric for the first time on August 19 at the Quail Motorsports event as part of the Monterey car week, which takes place annually in the California town of the same name.



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