Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: The young woman announced a tragedy

  • “Monse Marbella”, Mexican singer denounced the kidnapping and death of his father
  • In a video broadcast on social networks, the young woman declared that they had been called last minute to liven up the event
  • “My dad asks them not to hurt me,” said the young woman before the situation they went through.

Outrageous! A musical group went to cover an event in a Quinta in Nuevo León and ended up being attacked by a criminal organization. The vocalist of the group and the daughter of the owner of the group, made a strong complaint reporting on the kidnapping and death of her father, mentioning that they had only come to the place to cover about XV years.


The young woman declared in the video, that she does not understand ‘why’ her father was murdered. “Monse Marbella”, gave rise to the facts, indicating that when they reached the villa where the event was supposed to take place and upon arrival they found a criminal group that wanted to assault them; They did not resist, but the situation worsened when they approached the young woman and the father spoke interceding for his daughter.

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: Monse’s complaint

Photo: Facebook

A Mexican singer named Yahaira Monserrat, better known as “Monse Marbella”, published a saddening and at the same time outrageous video denouncing a criminal group that took the life of her father. In the first place, the young woman talks about the fact that they are dedicated to covering events due to the cumbia music group that they manage and how they were hired unexpectedly, without imagining the plans that they would develop on the day of the event.

The woman commented that the main reason they had for accepting the unforeseen event was that her sister would have her birthday and they were looking for extra money to be able to buy her a good birthday present. The young woman in the video narrates the unfortunate situation they experienced and the sad news that they would later learn. Filed Under: Mexican singer denounces kidnapping

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: “Let it go viral”

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: "Go viral"
Photo: Facebook

The woman asked her followers and friends to share the video if they ever delete it. She begins by introducing herself and mentioning that she is part of a cumbia music group called ‘La Nueva Marbella Colombiana’ and that they carry out events for parties of all kinds, as a measure to obtain more income.

Hello my Name Is Yahaira Monserrat, known as ‘Monse Marbella’ lead singer of the band The New Colombian Marbella, where my dad is the owner and representative of the group. Please share the video, let it go viral. ”, The young vocalist of the musical group narrated at the beginning of the video. Filed Under: Mexican singer denounces kidnapping

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Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: The event came out unexpectedly

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: The event came out unexpectedly
Photo: Facebook

The singer explains that they were marked unexpectedly and the person who answered the call was her father. In the call, they mention to the young woman’s father that they were looking for a group since the group they had hired had been bad for them and they needed someone to liven up the event. They, looking for extra money, accepted.

“Yesterday, Thursday September 9, we were marked for an event of about fifteen years, of which the event came out at the mere hour. They call us and communicate with my father because he is the representative of the group, they tell us that the group was bad for them, that it was going to be in a fifth. “Yahaira said in the video. Filed Under: Mexican singer denounces kidnapping

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: There were only five people in the place

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: There were only five people in the place
Photo: Facebook

In the video she presented on social networks, the young woman explains that when they reached the villa where the event would take place, they noticed a strange detail. In that place there were only five people and not the amount of guests that you would imagine when having a party of XV years; but, as they were already in the place, they had to go down and introduce themselves.

At the mere hour they tell us that he changed the event from Villa Juárez to Apodaca, due to ‘cancellation of the fifth’. We went to the event, at the time we arrived, all there were only five people, about 5 or 6 people, I don’t remember. “, Says the young woman afflicted by the situation they went through and that unfortunately ended in disgrace. Filed Under: Mexican singer denounces kidnapping

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: The moment of the attack

Mexican singer denounces kidnapping: The moment of the attack
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Monserrat narrates that when they were on the farm, the people who were in that place drove them down and proceeded to take away the belongings they were carrying at that time. All the musicians were stripped of their cell phones, rings, chains or valuables that they indicated. But, the moment that the tragedy developed was when the father asked them not to harm the young woman.

They put a gun to our heads, they put a gun to us. They evict us from all our belongings, such as chains, cell phones, rings, everything. My dad tells them not to hurt me, they say, ‘What? Why? ‘”, The young woman recounted the moment they began to assault them inside the farm where the’ party ‘would take place. Filed Under: Mexican singer denounces kidnapping

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“They threw us into the pool”

"They threw us into the pool"
Photo: Facebook

It seems that this request angered the criminals, who did not hesitate to silence the man in their own way and tie him up. While everyone was still kneeling and with a firearm to their heads, they were ordered to jump into the pool and thus prevented them from helping the man who was being beaten.

To which they tell him to shut up, they hit him and tie him up. They had us all kneeling with a gun to our heads, all the musicians. They throw us into the pool, they ask to throw us into the pool. ”With tears in her eyes and some difficulty, the young woman mentions the moment when they created a distraction for the musicians and proceeded to ‘damage’ them.

“They took my dad”

"They took my dad"
Photo: Facebook

The Mexican singer says that they asked them for the keys to the truck they were bringing and they put her father inside the vehicle. They were still in the pool, when people proceed to drive the vehicle taking all the material objects that they had obtained from the group as well as their father; They expected to be returned at night, but hours passed and there was no more information from the man.

They tie up my dad, ask for the keys to the truck and take him away. A white van is taken with my dad. We didn’t know anything about my dad, until just now. That happened yesterday, Thursday, September 9, 2021 between 10:30 and 11:00 at night.


Photo: Facebook

Seeing that time was running out and the information was not arriving, nor were they obtaining the whereabouts of his father, the family mobilized to search for him. Monse explains that on the morning of the next day their father was taken away, they went to look for the man and they located the farm where the assault took place; there was no sign of him.

Until today, Friday, September 10, 2021. On my little sister’s birthday, we moved to look, we moved to the fifth where the events happened. “The young woman commented on her social networks giving more details about how the search for the man had been and above all, how they got the news that would change their lives.

“It was my dad”

"It was my dad"
Photo: Facebook

The young woman describes the exact moment in which they are notified that they found someone’s body, with the characteristics of their father. She breaks into tears in the video, mentioning that in those moments that she is recording it is because she just left the SEMEFO, where they were given the terrible news that they had found the man dead.

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To which, we get an image where they tell us that they murdered a person with the characteristics of my father. We come from SEMEFO, to register and it was my father. ”Monserrat said without stopping to sob at the sad loss of his father and who was only looking for the money to be able to buy a good gift for his sister.

“My dad never did anything wrong”

"My dad never did a bad thing"
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The heartbroken young woman mentions that her father had never done something wrong and that both she and the group had never worked ‘badly’ or had gotten into conflicts with other people so she could not understand the man’s death. She angrily says that every day they went to work to earn an extra income and cannot believe in the insecurity that abounds in the country.

“Why did they do it? My dad didn’t do anything wrong, he never did anything wrong. My dad was just covering an event yesterday to complete my little sister’s gift, we don’t work crooked, we work clean. “, Asks the disconsolate young woman. “The whole family broke the mother, all of us. We risk our lives night after night, on music to bring an extra income to our house. ”Monserrat says angrily at the murder of her father.

The council of Monserrat

The council of Monserrat
Photo: Facebook

The singer was extremely affected and constantly wondering the ‘why’ of her father’s death. It is for that reason that he sends a strong message to the community of musicians, asking them to be careful at the events where they go to work and before anything else, make sure it is not a scam. Finally, ask that they broadcast the video to avoid more tragedies of this type.

“PPlease friends, musicians or acquaintances, be careful with events. Be careful where you attend; There was no reason for them to have done it, there was no single reason. The only thing there is is that it was an assault that got out of hand, why? Why did they do it? ”Monse is heard saying, while the cry of other people is heard in the background. “I beg you, help me, help me make this video viral and share it in case you delete it.” TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE



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