Meteorology: Very cold weather at night in all parts.. Minor in Cairo is 7 degrees

The Meteorological Authority expects it to witness today, Wednesday A decrease in temperature to prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt, moderate over southern Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges, cold in southern Upper Egypt, very cold at night in all parts, reaching the point of frost in central Sinai.

The Meteorological Authority stated that today, light to medium rain will be witnessed on the northern coasts and Lower Egypt, and light rain in Greater Cairo.

As for the temperatures today, Wednesday: Greater Cairo 15 degrees and the smallest 07 degrees, the great Alexandria 15 and the small 10 degrees, the great Matrouh 15 degrees and the small 09 degrees, the great Sohag 17 degrees and the small 05 degrees, the great Qena 17 degrees and the small 05 degrees, the great Aswan 17 degrees and the small 07 degrees.

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