The company behind the game “Pokémon GO” has received an investment of $ 300 million to build its “real-world metaverse”.

The publisher of “Pokémon GO” wants to superimpose digital creations on the real world.


The Californian company Niantic, known for being at the origin of the augmented reality game “Pokémon GO”, is determined to become one of the main players in the metaverse, the future virtual world on which technological giants like Facebook and Microsoft are working. The company has indeed announced that it has raised $ 300 million from the Coatue hedge fund. This investment, which brings the valuation of the American publisher to 9 billion dollars (against 3.7 billion in 2019 during a previous fundraising of 243 million dollars), must be used to build its “metaverse of the real world “, Or” Real-World Metaverse “in the original version.

“We are building a future where the real world is layered with digital creations, entertainment and information, making it more magical, fun and educational,” said John Hanke, co-founder and boss of Niantic. “This will require a significant investment in terms of talent, technology and imagination, and we are delighted that Coatue is taking this trip with us.”

Niantic, which recently launched the new augmented reality game “Pikmin Bloom” in collaboration with Nintendo, now has total funding of $ 770 million. This new fundraising comes as the company just made the Lightship platform available two weeks ago. It provides developers with tools that should enable them to create augmented reality applications for its vision of the metaverse.


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