Metapneumovirus, the virus that saturates the guard of the Children’s Hospital of Santa Fe

“They were in an average of 450 daily consultations and many of the boys enter with serious respiratory conditions”he stressed in dialogue with AIRE the doctor Osvaldo Gonzalez Carrillodirector of the hospital of the city of Santa Fe.

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Osvaldo González Carrillo, director of the “Doctor Orlando Alassia” Children’s Hospital.

The vast majority of the pictures are viral and are related to the virus known as metapneumovirus which can cause a respiratory infection. It usually causes a cold, although it can rarely cause more serious infections such as pneumonia or bronchiolitis. Although it can affect anyone, it is the most common cause of colds in children. “It is a viral picture that generally occurs in children, adults or immunosuppressed that produces mild pictures. But in this case we see serious pictures”, highlighted the interviewee. Unlike ten days ago, there are no cases of covid or influenza among patients.

Today the intensive care hospitalization area is around 90% occupied, where the boys receive a special ventilation called “high flow”. In a first stage, the effector’s critical beds were expanded from 12 to 19 beds. Now three more have been added and they account for 22, of which 19 are occupied.

“The metapneumovirus is a viral condition that generally occurs in children, adults or immunosuppressed that produces mild symptoms. But in this case we see serious symptoms”

The collaboration of the different areas of the hospital is essential to have available beds. In this regard, Carrillo stressed that they work together with Neonatology to house the smallest boys. “We’re trying to handle it the best we really is a very good job intense and important part of all the staff to give the best possible attention”, added the doctor.

At the Alassia they work every day to cover the current demand, although now With the arrival of the first cold weather, the number of patients is expected to increase and new strategies are articulated in case the number of places needs to be increased.

From the Ministry of Health of the province they observe with concern the impact of respiratory pathologies in the pediatric population, which they describe as “extremely high”. “There is a population of children who cannot receive vaccines because they are not in the age range to receive them, and the usual respiratory pathologies of children, today they take with a different susceptibility to the vulnerable,” said the health secretary on Monday, George Prieto, during the opening of a new vaccination center in the Willow Old Airport.

With the occupation of pediatric beds to the limit in the north central area of ​​the province, Prieto reiterated the need to use the barbie in precise places such as classrooms, transport and in the field of health. “Surely we will take some measure so that this is implemented and we can cut transmissibility. Even more so when we see that the number of occupancy of beds due to respiratory pathologies is increasing in the pediatric area, which is a very critical sector,” he reiterated.



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